more spotting and achy

its less than two weeks to my scan now and ive really not got a good feeling about it.yesterday was my grandad funeral and in between the church and the crematorium services i nipped to the loo and i was lightly spotting again. talk about making an awful day worse image it stopped by the afternoon but overnight i put on a pad and there was a faint smear this morning. i know i shouldn't read too much into it but Im so so worried image i know they won't do scans at the weekend so no point calling mw and i start my new job Monday so cant suddenly go off to the hospital in my first day image just really hoping that if the worst happens utter waits til.thurs when Im not at work. sorry for the down post. been feeling really rubbish with a cold and cough so wondering if coughing is causing the bleeding or if its stress (last time i had bleeding was at my job interview). really hope its just that


  • Ah Devon mummy, I've got everything crossed for you. Try and rest. Big hug xx
  • sounds like you def are abit stressed out just now, sounds like your in need of a duvet day or a wee spa day depending what you have the energy for! hopefully once you settle in your new job and scan is done, things will calm down for you, sending lots of positivity your way and i'm sure nobody on here cares if your posting a down post, we just want to do what we can to help you feel better x

  • Big hugs huni sorry ur bleeding again... If ur not working on Thursday why not give you epu a ring and explain u had previous mc and bleeding this time and see of they will scan u. Our epu have been brilliant with me this time xx
  • thanks girls x Im just a bit scared because with the mc i spotted for a couple of days then had the mc. just so scared it will happen at work on my first couple days thenimage i know i should try to be positive as with dd i had heavy bleeding but everything was ok but when you have had a mc its hard to be positive cos you know low bad it can be image
  • devon mummy - it sounds stress related again like last time you had spotting. Try to relax and have positive thoughts . Can you call the epu direct and get a scan tomorrow ? I am sure if you explain everything to them they ll understand xxxx
  • Sounds like you've got a lot going on Devon mummy image

    What about a&e? Won't they scan and check everything's ok?

    I hope you come back to us with happy news xx
  • hi ladies had no spotting since yesterday morning so fingers crossed. just need to get through the next week and a half as ive just been way too anxious this pregnancy. doesn't help that ive got a lot of other stress as the mo so making me feel a bit down. really hoping its good news x
  • Sorry you're going through this stress Devon mummy. Will be keeping everything crossed for you x
  • Sorry you're having such a worrying time, hope everything's ok x
  • I found out I'm pregnant yesterday but

    For the past week I have been having spoting and achy period like pains not constant and not heavy bleeding. Got scan on Thursday. ??
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