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10 week symptoms???

Hi , im just wondering what 10 week syptoms u had / are having ? Im 10+ 2 and still got sore boobs , sickness and nausea ,backache on and off and tiredness x


  • Hey, I haven't really suffered with sickness just a bit of nausea when my stomach was empty. I have suffered with tiredness and sore boobs, I'm 12 weeks now and only just starting to feel like I'm me again. Definitely still suffered with tiredness and soreness at 10 weeks, the nausea when hungry has passed now.

    Pregnancy isn't really what I imagined it to be! I was expecting to feel a lot worse, and I didn't realise that symptoms would be on and off. Or just at a certain time of day.

    How are you finding it?
  • mine seemed to lessen the last week. i hope that's not a bad sign :/ still really tired and keep falling asleep on the sofa in the early evening. not as hungry any more either. although today i had a really busy day of training at work and wasn't able to snack and started feeling really dizzy
  • Hey hun, I'm 12+4 and at 10 weeks I was mainly a tiny bit nauseous and was pretty tired, and also a bit light-headed, but not really much apart from that (thankfully!). It's so different to last time - I was sick almost every evening (between 6 and 8pm) from about 8 to 14 weeks and was expecting the same again this time but it's definitely different - I've only been sick 3 times so far (yay!)

    My nan was telling me today that she wasn't sick once throughout her 4 pregnancies, so it's different for everyone. Ellakiv, I remember my first pregnancy being so different to how I expected it to be ... I didn't expect all the other weird things that go with it that no one tells you about - heartburn, thrush, UTIs, constipation, back pain, dizziness etc - I just thought you get sick a bit and then grow massive and then have a baby ... (bearing in mind I was 18 at the time lol!) xxx

  • Anyone else been feeling a sort of weird outwards pressure where baby is? I've been feeling it the last couple of days, and wondered if anyone else has been feeling it? xx

  • weirdly my symptoms came back with a vengeance yesterday. had to dig out all my maternity bras as my boobs have balloned again and sore and Im so tired x
  • My nausea disappeared that week but returned on week 11. My boobs haven't been sore since week 9, they're tender but aren't painful. I also started to get my appetite back. Everyone is different.
  • My nausea wore off about 10 and a half weeks, and touch wood has stayed away. My breasts have been really tender though and I've started getting horrible headaches image I'm 14 weeks tomorrow x
  • ive started getting headaches too and indigestion :/
  • Hi All

    Sorrry it's taken me so long to reply, not been able to get on laptop for hubby working loads on it and my phone is rubbish for replying!

    Its taken me so long, im actually 11 weeks today but will still use this thread to talk about symptoms!

    Thanks for all your replies, even though i didnt get chance to reply, I did read them all at the time.

    Ellakiv- I am finding this pregnancy pretty hard work so far, my midwife is not supportive at all image I have been so sick and worn out all the time this time it hasn't been much fun so farr. I have had painful boobs pretty much since i got my bfp, with a sharp pains on and off , I think i need to get a maternity bra soon.

    Devon Mummy- dont worry about symptoms coming and going, mine seem to too (apart from sickness, although that eases a lot some days and not others). I've started with the headaches now too image

    Lau89- That's good that you have avoided sickness in this preg i wish i had , after last time i really hoped id be better this time.Your nan was lucky no sickness in any pregnancy.Don't worry i was same not knowing about all other stuff and i was 27 with my first lol!Not had the pressure feeling yet hun, maybe its cos im not as far on?Not sure.

    Ele09- im looking fwd to getting my appetite back im sick of feeling sick all time and eating just to stop sickness i never actually feel hunger.

    Wilma- Im hoping my sickness wears off soon , how are you feeling now?

    Hope everyone is ok



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