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freaking myself out

With my son, I had this gut instinct he was a boy, I don't have that feeling either way this time, so I've got myself all paranoid thinking its cos something not quite right with this baby, down syndrome test from last week playing on my mind too, or am I just subconsciously blocking out the instinct feelings in case I'm disappointed its not a girl? X


  • Aww hun, I had such a strong feeling my last baby was a boy, but I found out at the scan she was a girl! Sometimes our instincts are slighly off (or completely off lol) but I would try not to worry yourself about it. I have no idea what this baby is, sometimes I feel like it's a boy and sometimes I think it's a girl but I won't know until baby pops out. Every pregnancy is different, I feel completely different this time round, so maybe this is the part of your pregnancy that's different from the last one.

    Have you had the results of the down's syndrome test yet? Hope all is well hun, just keep thinking positively xx

  • Don't panic about the downs test. I was told no news is good news. I have been stressing over the result so called the mW. She said I would have received a

    Call by now if results were high.

    Also, I reckon this baby is a boy but thought that with DD.

  • Thanks ladies, haven't had downs results yet, but I expected a delay my hospital is in a different district from my community midwife, my test with my son came back low risk so there's no real reason for me to be concerned, I blame the hormones x
  • Ive not even had the downs testing I refused it as it wouldnt make me feel any differently... if ur test did come back and say u were high risk what would u do with that result? Would it change anything?

    Im sure all is fine hun and i think they would contact u fairly quickly if there was a problem x

    I was certain DD was a boy, then with my son I said boy from the word go... this time I have no idea... sometimes i think boy, othertimes Im sure girl. I paid for a private gender scan at 16 weeks with ds but not sure we can afford it now as hubby recently took a serious pay cut image x

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