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Hi I'm new

I'm Sarah I'm due 1st April!! I already have three boys...hoping for a girl but tech said boy at our 12 week scan but not sure whether to believe it or not as too early to tell really???


  • Hi Sarah, welcome!

    Yeah I thot earliest they could tell was 16 weeks x
  • Apparently they can see what's 'budding' down there at 12 ... My friend asked if the sonographer could see and she said she had a pretty good idea but wasn't allowed to say ... Must be different hospital policy but think its because they can often get it wrong x
  • My cousin was also told boy at 12 weeks and he is now 2 years old and very much a boy!!

    Hi!! Im Mand, 26 from Merseyside. Im married to Adam, 34 and Mummy to Erin who is 5 and George who is 2... This is our third and final cookie monster image x

  • Aww hi all and thank you for your replys x
  • Welcome Sarah , you never know they may be wrong and you may have a girl

    I have one girl aged 3 , and im 12 + 4 with number 2 ! X
  • Well funny you should say that,as at my daughters 12 week scan they wouldn't tell me, but at my boys they told me so maybe they only tell you if its a boy as its pretty more recogniseable maybe??Depends how skilled they are i guess.

  • Hi and welcome! Congratulations! I'm due on the 7th so not far behind you. Will be interesting to see if the sonographer is right - will you find out for sure at 20 weeks? I'm one of 5 girls by the way and know my mum would have loved a boy x
  • Yeah we will be finding out in three weeks time eeekkk! X
  • Wow 3 weeks that's so soon!! Exciting stuff.

    I'm Nikki, 14 wks pregnant with no. 2 and due 16th April. Waiting til 20wk scan to see what flavour baby is but feel quite strongly I'm having another girly x 

  • Found out today that its a boy from my chromosomes test!
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