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flutters for couple days now stopped :(

i started having what thought were flutters at the beginning of the week but not had any for a day. know im being silly cos its so early and freaking out but anyone else who had movement had it disappear for a couple days? dd woke me up at 1.30 with a nightmare and im still awake worrying about this (3.30am)


  • ps 14 weeks tomoro (my ticker is wrong and the stupid settings page won't let me change it grr)
  • My instinct would say baby is still small and has probably just moved into a position where there is more cushioning or behind the placenta or something. That said I'd be worrying too. Do you have a Doppler? It's been a god sen for me this time around. Oh and my flutters/movements are still far from regular at almost 16 weeks. x
  • Devon mummy please don't worry image I know exactly how you feel as I had a missed miscarriage with twins last year at 9 weeks and i was spotting this pregnancy at 8 weeks and I panic ALL THE TIME!

    I have a doppler & some days I can literally feel where he/she is & when I put the doppler there you can hear the heartbeat ... Other time I can't feel at all and when I search its just because the heart beats moved really low or to the side .., they are frisky little things image I'm also 14 weeks today image

    It's kind of the same worry when the symtoms stop to, but I just try and remember the less worried I am the better it is for baby image althought I know it's hard! Xx
  • Hun I wouldn't worry, 2 weeks ago I was convinced I could feel baby but this seems to have stopped in the last few days and I've been trying not to dwell on it. I'm sure everything's fine hun your scan showed everything was well so try and put it out of your mind. I can't wait for regular movement as a reassuring thing but refuse to buy a doppler as I think I would get obsessive about it xxx

  • thanks ladies. i don't want to buy a doppler either cos i think it will make me more neurotic!
  • I had quite a bit of fluttering and a feeling as though I was being twanged on the inside by an elastic band last weekend, I've not really felt anything over the last week but I'm not worrying I know it's early days re feeling baby.

    Stay positive Hun I'm sure all is fine xx
  • Hey hun, same as most people have said. I started feeling flutters this week but am not expecting to feel it every day, there'll be parts of your womb where you won't feel movement as much so it's probably just that babba has moved around.

    I have felt what feels a bit like vibration as well, it's a bit weird and I don't remember feeling that last time but I guess it's just another way in which every pregnancy is different. xx

  • thats happend to me aswell, i felt flutters everyday for the last week and today ive felt nothing image x and im 18 weeks tomorrow! x

  • im still getting them on and off but its still really early. when they are booting up and keeping up awake we will regret wishing for it!
  • I'm 16 weeks and been feeling flutters for a few weeks but things been really quiet past few days which has left me stressing a bit I need to relax but find it hard x
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