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Due date changed..

Hi Everyone,

Im Laura and Im pregnant with my second child due 30th April. Had my 12 week scan yesterday and they changed my due date from May to April image 

I was just wondering if anyone plans on having a private sexing scan before the 20 week scan? Ive booked one for November 15th when I will be 16 weeks as I simply cant wait to find out the sex! xx


  • Hi, I'm due 14/4. I was 13+2 when I had my 12 wk scan and now only 5 wks on Monday to wait for the 20 wk scan. Can't wait. X
  • Hi Laura, I was thinking exactly the same thing! I've been looking around today for places that do private scans in bath. I was thinking 16 week mark to ... I just can't wait no matter how many times the other half says patience is a virtue image how much did you pay for yours? Prices vary hugely here x
  • Mine is £49 so not bad really! Thats for 2d thought, £89 for 3d. I cant wait now.. 3 weeks tomorrow and we will know whether it is pink or blue! We have our names chosen already image xx

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