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Saw baby again yesterday :)

I had a 16 week check yesterday and mw had a quick look at baby on the ultrasound, was lovely to see him or her (I think the latter) wriggling around and kicking its arms and legs! Heartbeat consistently ranges from 145-155! And the flutters have progressed to actual movement in the last few days too which is lovely. Have a nervous few weeks coming up tho to get past the 20 week point we lost our little boy, just have to keep everything crossed. Scan's 19th November! x


  • That is so lovely and must be so reassuring to feel the baby, can't wait untill that happens to me.With my ds I started to feel first movements at 16 week point so wonder if it will be the same this time round or before?

    When I had a twelve week scan baby was so lively, constantly moving and sonographer said that is a laways a good sign! So it wil be same for your liitle one image

    Hope all goes well for you and try and stay positive and your scan is actually not that far away. xxx

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