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Think i got a bug :(:(:(

I was just getting over morning sickness this last week or so and now this aft i think its either something ive eaten or ive got a bug , sickness n diarrea its horrible. Has anyone else had this whilst being pregnant ? Im scared of it hurting my baby image im 13 + 5 today ) X


  • Hi mummy 060409. I know, I'm gatecrashing again! I wanted to let you know that I caught a horrible stomach bug a couple of weeks ago which had diarrhea and vomiting all over the place for just over 24 hours. I kept up my fluids as much as I could and rested up. Dry toast , ready salted crisps, banana and plain chicken was all I was able to eat for a day afterwards. Lots of flat sprite and water. Lots of sleeping.

    Bean and I are fine now.

    I would concentrate on drinking little and often as possible so you stay hydrated and don't get the dreaded leg cramps. They are not fun. My calf muscles felt like I'd spend a day walking up and down stairs!

    I'M sure you'll and bump will be fine. Just stay rested and hydrated. image x
  • Aww sorry to hear you're not well x i had a sickness bug a couple if weeks ago and its rotten cos you're already tired and run down. i think at this stage it is unlikely to affect baby but because your immune system us weak it will majesty til more likely to catch things and take longer to get over them. keep the fluids up, try to get some rest x big hugs x hope you feel better soon x
  • how are you feeling mummy060409?
  • Hey ladies thanks for the replies , deeders gate crash away hun its always lovely to hear from you and get advice too.

    Im ok now thanks Devon mummy it was just a 24 hour thing i think , thank goodness i couldnt have put up with it much longer ! X
  • Glad that you're feeling better. image x
  • Aww glad you're feeling better, its rubbish being ill and pregnant x
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