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July is up!!!!

I can't quite believe how quickly the time is flying!!! I had my second mw appointment today (the last one was booking in appt) and I won't get to see her now until 24th January when I'm 28 weeks and a month before I go on maternity leave. Really, quite scary how the time is flying by!! How are all you ladies doing? Chilli x


  • i know! up til twelve weeks it really dragged but now its flying by and Im sixteen weeks tomoro! unfortunately that also means have to tell mynew work very soon as Im.starting to bump out. thinking of doing it next week but so nervous. apart from that Im doing good, less sick now but still really tired. looking for nice maternity tops but not having much luck. every time i find one its out stock image
  • Eeeek I love watching all these new boards appear it reminds me we are one step futhur along!!

    Im 14 weeks now, nearly 15 - cant wait for my first mw appt... Im not feeling very confident atm and its worrying me, I was very confident and trying to just relax and enjoy every step of this pregnancy cos its our last but from yesterday Ive been convincing myself something isnt right image fingers crossed. Got my gender scan on 19th of this month so thats exciting, and mw on 16th x

  • I know I have my 20 weeks an on Monday so excited hope they can tell s what we are having my little girl and boy both want a little sister xxx
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