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Is anyone still around or everyone chatting on facebook?

Just wondering if there' s anyone still.using this as it seems v quiet and ive seen mentions of facebook, is everyone chatting there now ? Xx


  • hi mummy i think most people are in the Facebook group, do you want to come and join us? its quite lively!
  • Thanks Devon Mummy ,but im not bothered about facebook really x
  • Hi Hun, Im still here. Most people are on facebook and its quite lively over there... if u change ur mind and do want to pop over give us a shout, Im sure someone will add you pretty quick x


    How are u doing? How far along are u now? x

  • Hey hun ,thank you. I was due same day as you ,April 29 th ( from your ticker ) but at 12 week scan they moved me to April 27 th so im exactly 15 weeks today , its going so slowly now ,i just want to get to 20 week scan!,

    Im pretty much over the worst of the morning sickness now which is a relief as it was getting me down and i lost weight too, half a stone since i found out i was preg image

    How are you feeling ? X
  • Sorry to go back to this thread but I wondered if anyone is around now? I've not checked Facebook but its so quiet on here now?

    I'm due 28th April and being first time pregnant would be great to still chat with other lovely ladies.

    How's everyone getting on? xx
  • I think most of us are on Facebook now, just seems so much easier to use that. X
  • How do I join on FB? xx
  • Soon2BJacks, hi! I remember you from due in May group. I am now aso DIA mummy and we are all chatting on fb. It is a secret group and I got added by on of the girls on here who started a group. If you private message me on here with your name I will look you up on FB and add you if you like image xx

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