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Holiday pay and bank hol


Do I just take what I have accrued from Jan to April for holiday before I go so I think I worked out 2.25days a month so 9 days?


I due 25th April,our holiday is Jan 13 to Dec 13. So if started smp Wednesday 17th April then take 9 days holiday before as take it i can take what i accured from Jan to April which 2.25 per day so 9 days.

So then if i have 9 months off so until 17th Jan 2014 can the rest of holiday and bank hols accrued in 2013 then be added on to Jan 2014 to use? as think worked out holiday and bank hol over the year left will be 24 days? and do you get paid the holiday? thanks


  • Hi hol,

    Largely this all comes down to your individual employment contract terms as to how you are awarded leave over the year (you can discuss it with your employer/union representitive).  Whilst on Maternity leave you normally forfeit the right to accrue annual leave for that period (because you are not actually at work) but will start to accrue it again upon your return to work (should you choose to return).  Again how your pay is awarded during your leave would be down to your contract terms (usually annual leave taken would be paid at your usual rate & then how your employer pays your SMP should be explained to you also (some employers pay different rates for different stages, i.e. full pay for 6wks then higher SMP for 6mths before reducing to basic SMP for 3mths & then no pay for the last 3mths)).

    For more advice/info you can also visit or ACAS websites.

  • im taking my accrued holiday up to my due date and a couple extra holiday. this second but was at the discretion of my manager, You are entitled to take the remainder of your holiday at the end of your maternity leave.

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