devon mummy how are you ?

Hi devon mummy hows it all going ?


  • hi mummy060409 I was just thinking about you today so popped on here and then saw this message x Apologies as I havent been on babyexpert for ages as I have a laptop with a rubbish battery that lasts about ten minutes and its too uncomfortable to sit for long at the table with it plugged in now x Anyway enough warbling! Everything's going good - 31+5 and feel enormous and getting very tired now! If I remember your due date is very close to mine? By my dates baby is due around 24 april but it changed at my first scan to april 20. I suspect it will closer to my original date though! Finding it really hard being pregnant with a toddler this time as you just dont get the time to rest. However, im hoping that she is keeping me fit though for labour! Im definitely doing a lot more walking than I did when I was pregnant with dd. I am already up tot he weight i was at 40 weeks with dd so starting to get a bit worried that it will either be a big baby or i am putting on too much weight :/ anyway - hows things with you? xxxx

  • Hi Devon Mummy

    Great to hear from you hun, Yeah we are due very close, my original date was 29th April but at scan got changed to 27th April, so I am 30 + 5, so you are exactly a week ahead of me!

    I am also feeling it more this time, slightly harder with a toddler to run round after isnt it, well I say toddler lol my dd will be 4 in about 5 weeks, can't believe how it has flown!

    Gotta dash hun , but keep in touch



  • Really nice to hear from you x i went through dd newborn clothes tonight and now really excited! we are team yellow so i just picked out all the white bitsfor now, a couple of neutral bits that dd never wore as i thought they were too boyish and a couple of nice girly sleepsuits just in case! do you know what you are having? also stocked up on nighties and secret support vest tops (instead of sleep bras) in primark today. was feeling really unprepared this week so feel a bit better now!baby will probably keep me waiting and be two weeks late now!
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