Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

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Has anyone tried Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for labour?  I have heard it is good but it seems that you need to get it into your system before the labour starts.  Can anyone advise - obviously on the negatives too please?

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  • Hi, ive just started drinking it at 39 weeks, not sure what it actually does but think softens cervix etc ready for labour, rather than bring labour on.


  • Hi I drank rasberry leaf tea with my third baby to induce labour.  It brought on really strong contractions and every night I thought... this is it.... but it never was.   I asked my midwife and she said all it will do is bring on really strong braxton hicks!!!  Good practice but not the real thing xxxxxxx  Good luck to you, not long now image

  • ive been drinking it for a couple of weeks ( im 38+2) and it doesnt cause braxton hicks for me. Its not supposed to induce labour but tone the muscles, which may be why some people get the tightenings x

  • Devon mummy ...due in 2 days you feeling ? Xx
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