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Are we prepared ladies? :-D

Not long to go for us April mummy's! Woooo hoooo. Should I get my hospital bag ready or is it still a bit early? I'm due 24th but got a feeling I will go over as I did with my daughter. I'm feeling super excited to meet my little man and not at all nervous about the agonising labour *cough 'liar' cough* haha. Hope everyone is well xxxx


  • Im due on 26th and I started packing my bag last night. Im just too excited now and 6 weeks to wait seems way too long. Time seems to have stopped ticking now! xx

  • Yeh I'm excited to do mine image can't wait to meet little man. Went to the midwife yest and she said baby is at brim of pelvis so gonna get myself on the exercise ball to try and get him in position. I'm pretty sure somebody has pressed pause and I have had 6 weeks left for a couple of months now haha. Do u know sex of baby? X
  • Im due on the 20th and am gradually collecting things together in a holdall for the hospital. Ive got most of the things in there but somethings (eg. Slippers, combe etc need to go last minute). Ive also packed a little bag for baby x IM really paranoid baby will come early, even though dd was a week late!


  • Hi devon_mummy I keep havin a feeling baby will come early ( I too went over with first ) been having tightenings today so think my body is starting to get some practice in. Kinda hope he does come early as midwife thinks I'm on track for a 9 pounder! Eeeeekkk. Watching one born every minute did me no favours last night lol x
  • Hi Steph1 that episode freaked me out a bit too as DD was back to back but fortunately I maanged to have her naturally with just a small cut. however, it did bring back memories of her head coming out and then being told to push and that it would be the laqst push but nothing happening for about seven pushes in a row! Im really scared that this baby will be bigger and that more intervention will be needed. However, trying to stay positive and listening to my natal hypnotherapy cd and doing lots of bouncing on my gym ball to try to get baby in the right position x

  • Yes best thing to stay positive and keep smilingimage I have a feeling we will both have super straightforward deliveries image x
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