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Looking forward to seeing some BAs!!!!

There have been a couple of early BAs on the Facebook group already so was just wondering if any of the other April babies have arrived early yet?

Im 36 +1 today so unikely to pop yet ( hope not as Ive still got a week left at work and would like at least a couple of weeks rest before bubs arrives!).

Anyway good luck to everyone and looking forward to reading some BS!!! xxx


  • Hi Devon Mummy

    2 days to go for u , how are you ? Im due 27 th x
  • How are u feeling mummy060409? I had my second sweep yest ( due to problems in my last pregnancy) and I'm in so much pain, can hardly walk. I'm due 24th. Hope ur well Devon Mommy image x
  • hi Ladies, hope you are ok! No baby yet for me so now officially overdue! Im hoping baby comes by at least the middle of next week as Im really uncomfortable and tired. Feeling abit fed up as it hurts to walk anywhere very far and getting slight cabin fever. My two year old is also playing up a bit, I suspect becuase she is fed up of being stuck in too. Shes off to nursery tomoro and hubby is at home so we agoing out for a rare date to have a hot curry for lunch image hope everyone is ok x

  • still no baby but had a sweep today and mw says im a good 2cm dilated and my cervix is only 1cm long and baby is very low and she could feel the top of babys head. fingers crossed things start happening soon!
  • Good luck image xx

  • Still no baby! worst come to worst ill be induced on thursday at 41+5 x Anyone else popped yet?

  • I had beautiful baby boy mon weighing an impressive 8lb 12oz. Cole junior image ur baby will soon be in your arms xx

  • Hi steph1, I also had a baby boy, who we called Jude, born on the 28th! 8lb6,5oz. Had a really positive active birth image contractions started a few hours after my last post on here lol!

  • Hi Steph and Devon Mummy

    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, this is my first time on the laptop since the birth!

    I also had a baby boy , Alex 27/4/13 , 8lb 2oz. The birth was v quick just like with dd , had him an hour after arriving at the hosp!

    Hope you are both enjoying your little ones




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