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Aug mummies ttc again!

Hi girls how are we all getting on with ttc?

Im on cd12 month 3. Feeling optimistic and happy for it to happen when it happens although a valentines bfp would be nice.

Thought I might do a list of us aug mums who are ttc again, so let me know if you want to join the clubimage xx

Aug Mums ttc so far:







  • We are ttc again!! image

    I took my last pill this morning, and have been taking folic acid.

    As i have pcos it took us 13 months last time and luckily i fell pregnant after a hycosy and before any treatment, so who knows how long it is going to take but i'm going to try and be chilled about it lol

    Good luck girlies!! image

  • Hi Shezza, we were trying 12months so Im trying to be chilled out too, far too stressed last time.

    Good luck hope your not waiting too long ximage
  • Hi, was a lurker when pregnant with dd born 11th Aug 09 and just had my coil out on wed so officially TTC again! Been so broody for a while now so been tracking ov to feel like I was actually doing something useful rather than just waiting for OH to feel ready to start trying again so I'm hoping to be quite quick this time. Took 7 months last time, but fell first month of using OPK. Seems I thought I was OV about 6 days before I actually was!

    Also on BFP for Valentines in Trying.....
  • Hi Elisa, think i need to stock up on tests and vits too! good luck

    Becks - think i spoke to you on ttc. lol. My oh isnt quite ready yet either, well he has days when he changes his mind so Ive had enough waiting as Im so broody. I dont know what he expects because we dont use any protection! lol xx
  • I think your OH Is burying his head in the sand Fiona!!

    Not TTC quite yet, just started on the folic acid though xx
  • your right Kimmy, he really wants another baby but feels were not in the right situation yet, I understand but as we all know there will always be something holding you back so might as well get on with it.

    look forward to you joining us hun x
  • Fingers crossed for the end of March! x
  • Long time no type!

    Hope everyone is doing ok? I was hoping to join this group but I get the feeling I may be too late! There's no sign of AF and all the telltale signs are there.... sore boobs, heartburn, tiredness, low blood pressure. Going to do a test in a couple of days once it's definite AF has gone AWOL.

    Good luck to all those TTC and have fun trying image

    Shell xx
  • Hi Shell how you doung?

    oooh so you think you might be pregnant! how exciting

    good luck keep us posted x
  • Hey Everyone!

    Happy New Year to you all! Hope you all had a good festive period!

    Just wanted to say good luck to you all ttc!

    I think we're gonna start trying March/ April time! Im startin to use OPK's this month to get an understanding of my cycles again! It took almost 3 years to conceive last time! Gonna get on the folic acid too!

    Wow Shell...... keep us posted! Sounds like you may well be pregnant! How exciting!

    Lou xx
  • I'm not too bad thanks Fiona. After a horrible year last year it'd be nice to have something to look forward to this year.

    Got my fingers crossed for some good, positive news but it is still very early days so I'm not jumping the gun. Will def keep you all posted though image

    Best go, Alfie's blowing kisses at me from across the room and waiting for me to assist him doing roly polys across the settee..... kamikaze kid! Got meself a nutter! If a second child is anything like him then it'll be chaos!

    Shell xx
  • Can I be added to the list?

    We're now on month 4 of ttc number 2 and I'm on cd 5 I think though came on abroad and a bit confused.

    little bit gutted it hasn't happened already but still happy and relaxed. Gonna keep trying to shed a few pounds in the mean time.

    Shell what's the news? So excited for you.

    Good luck ladies.

    Lisa x
  • Hiya Lisa,

    Glad you had such a good time in Oz. H did fantastic considering the length of the flight!

    I've done 3 tests over the past couple of days, the first two had feint lines and then the third test showed a definite dark line! Yippee! Not quite sunk in yet.

    We've only told my sister and Dad so far, and will tell hubby's parents as soon as they get back off holiday. Gonna wait until the 12week scan to go public though. We told my Dad last night; yesterday would've been my Mum's birthday so it was nice to end the day on a positive note image

    I've been extremely lucky to get caught so quick, within a month just like last time so I'd like to share some of my good luck baby dust with you all (*blows & wafts the laptop*). I've got my fingers crossed for everyone.

    Shell xx
  • yay congratulations Shell, really pleased for you!!

    Hi Lisa yes Ill add you to the list, how long did it take you last time? I was hoping I wouldve fallen before now too

    good luck xx

    Ive been unwell for a couple of days, have been nauseous but not sick and convinced myself im pregnant! feel better today although not 100%
  • yay shell thats fantastic news!!

    I'm so so happy for you - you deserve it.

    Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy my dear xxx
  • Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats Shell! What a wonderful, positive start to the year. Look forward to expanding with you this year!

    Helen 11+5 image
  • awww congrats Shell, what lovely news!

    hope you have a h&h pregnancy!

    fiona when are you due to test?

  • Hi sweetassugar

    not sure really, my cycles have been long since coming off the pill. my last was 47days long so I would be due 11th feb which feels forever away.

    still not 100% my energy levels are really low and getting backache and bloated tummy xx

    ps glad to hear your little girl has her op soon, shame about the asthma though. I had it when I was little too x
  • ok girls I need some advice!

    BFN Tues eve

    nausea since tues (very overwheming tues and wed)

    eating to keep nausea at bay

    no energy

    tired (even though ella slept through last night)


    headaches in evening

    only CD20 BUT now starting to question my period at christmas

    Am I pg or is it a bug like everyone else seems to think?

    Should I test in morning with FMU?

  • ooh it sounds good hun.

    test again!

    fingers crossed for you.

    realised didn't answer you're question- we didn't try for Harrison he was a happy surprise so guess that's why I thought it would happen straight away.
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