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I feel like a horrible mummy

Haiden has always been so good about going to nursery, never had an issue with being dropped off (not like the other little terrors there!), then on Thursday when I dropped her she clung to me crying her eyes out. It broke my heart. I picked her up later and they said she hadn't been herself all day so maybe she is coming down with something.

The next day she was with my sister and I left her there okay but not long after apparently she was inconsolable. My sister brought her to my work to see me and as soon as she left she cried again. I had her all weekend and she was fine, hasn't come down with anything

Today I dropped her at nursery and again, she was in tears when I tried to get her to sit at the table for her breakfast. My heart is breaking as I sit at work right now

It's like a total personality change, completely out of the blue

I have to work for as long as I can before having number 2 because we struggle financially, and I don't have the option here of part time. I just don't know how I am going to cope if this keeps happening, I feel so guilty that I can't be with her, and I so want to be with her xx


  • Oh no, what a horrible situation. Firstly, obviously you are NOT a horrible mummy, you are working to support your beautiful girl like lots of us mothers have to do. Just keep sight of the fact that this could just be a temporary blip. Roisin will still currently happily be with any person who'll show her attention but in the past she's had the odd week where she's been a bit clingy and I've thought 'this is the future!' but then she has just gone back to normal. Separation anxiety is normal and it might just take her a bit of time to readjust. You obviously make the most of your quality time with her so she will undoubtedly feel loved and secure. Hope things get better soon x

  • Thank you, I think being a mummy is one long guilt trip isn't it?

    I really want to try for another in a couple of months, but now OH has decided he really dislikes his job and might look for another. I know he will not agree to try again if he isn't in a stable position. I had got myself excited thinking that I might be able to finish work completely (can't afford to work with two) and spend some time with her in a littl over a year, but now it looks like it might not happen x
  • Awww Kimmy you are deffo not a horrible mummy! I completely agree with Helen!

    Being a mummy is the best job in the world, but also the toughest! Hopefully things settle down again soon!

  • Oh sweet, please dont be too hard on yourself. You are doing a fab job and its bloody hard work.

    I'm going through the EXACT same thing with H - he has never been clingy (infact I often got upset at the fact he never wants cuddles and kisses!!) however since we've got back from OZ (where he spent all day everyday for 5 weeks with me and his daddy) he is so clingy.

    Fitting back in at nursery has been so hard. He screams when I pull up outside and grabs onto my legs when I try to leave - I end up driving to work in tears. BUT I know he was very happy there pre-holiday and how much he gets out of it and I know this is just a phase. Nursery tell me he settles after a short period of time and he seems to have a good time then. BUT I do question whether I'm doing the right thing!!??

    Stick with it hun and remember what a fab job you are doing.
  • Your NOT a horrible mummy!!

    Im sure she will settle down again soon, shes just realised how much she misses you when you go but she will get used to it! your doing the right thing.

  • Thanks everyone. Well she didn't cry this morning, but she wouldn't sit at the table for breakfast and held out her arms to be picked up. One of the girls at the nursery did it giving me a chance to give her a big kiss and leave- she waved me goodbye which she hasn't done in a while! xx
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