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FINALLY got a scan date :)

Well for those who saw my update you'll know I'm still ill (and have been since a week before Christmas!) after battling flu then pneumonia. Well I finally have something lovely to look forward to ... my scan is on Thurday! So excited image I'll be 14+5, same as when I had my scan with Roisin. Heard the heartbeat at 12 weeks which put my mind at rest a little but cannot wait to see the new (and FINAL!) addition to our family image Hope you are all well xxx


  • Yay! Ooh that's late for a scan- take it they don't do nuchal translucency where you are? x
  • They do but I missed out due to being so sick and having to cancel my booking in appointments. I finally hobbled in for an appointment at 12 weeks but I was in so much pain that they sent me to A and E instead! Finally got booked in at 13+6! Got there in the endimage
  • Oh poor you! You are still feeling unwell then? Have you had morning sickness too? x
  • I'm much better than I was but still have painful inflammation on my lung so it's hard running after Roisin, luckily my mum is helping out. Still off work. Am also pretty exhausted and have lost quite a bit of weight so am focusing on building myself up - midwife said my BMI is below the cut off point at the mo but that's it's understandable with the pneumonia. I have had morning sickness again. With R I was really bad but it had cleared up by 13 weeks. This time I have had it since 5 weeks and although it's not been as extreme, am still suffering with nausea - mainly in the evening. However really need to bulk up now so am eating whatever and whenever I can (just eating a bag of Fizzy Pig Tails from Marks and Sparks, not sure about the nutritional value in them!) x
  • Hi Helen! Glad your feeling a bit better!

    You really have been through it the last few weeks! So pleased you have your scan date at last! Liek you say something to look forward to!

    I seen some of your pics on FB and Roisin is a stunning little girl! You must be so proud!

    Look forward to hearing how you scan has gone, will be thinking of you on Thurs!

  • Ooh hun - sounds like you've been having a rough ride!!

    Hope you start to feel better soon.

    i was ill through pretty much my whole pregnancy with H (you may all remember me constantly moaning!) so I knowhow you feel.

    Good Luck with the scan and make sure you update us. X
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