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Anyone remember me?

Evening Ladies

Well firstly I hope you all remember me and that you and your babies are all well.

Last time I posted was about a year ago, cant believe it was that long!

Well my girls are great, Eilidh will be 4 in May and Lucy is just a typical toddler and into everything, I'm loving this stage though she is just so cute.

I won't be leaving it that long again before I log on

Take Care

Anne Marie xx


  • Hiya, yep I often think of the girlies we don't hear much from (especially if they are on my FB!)

    Really good to hear from you xxx
  • Hey!

    I remember you! Glad to hear you and the girls are well!

    I too often think of the people who used to be here and dont log in anymore!

  • hi anne marie, havent spoken in ages!!!

    glad you and your girls are well

    felicity was 5 a couple of weeks ago! and like lucy Ella is so cute atm and she makes us laugh everyday xx
  • Hello there, lovely to see you back image What a fantastic age our babies are at, let's make the most of it before the terrible 2s really set in!

    Helen x
  • Evening Ladies

    Its good to be back.

    So I've been reading some of you are trying for another baby, good luck to you all, and how exciting image

  • Hi Hun,

    hows things?

    Good to have you back. This is a very quiet forum these days and I only log on every now and again.

    We're onto month 5 of ttc which is a bit crap but oh well!!

    Harrison's terrible 2's have already stared and he is a right hand full, but he's ots of fun and its ace being a mummy!!

    Take care.

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