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Hi everyone, how are you all?

Everything is good with us, Holly is getting cuter every day, and cheekier!!! Cant believe shes a year and a half already.

Im 13+3 now and have my booking in and scan appointment on wednesday. Ive had 2 scans already though and everything is looking good with bubs image

We have a boys name picked for ages, Rhys. We were really struggling with girls names, but I think we have settled on Willow (for now, could change my mind again but at the moment its my favourite!!)

tried to add pics but wont work :roll:


  • Ah hun so pleased its going well.

    Fab fab fab!!

    Have you told people yet? Or waiting til after your official scan?

    NO news from me - still ttc!! Fed up now.

    Let us know how the scan goes.


    PS Love Willow!!!
  • Gorgeous names you have chosen! Glad all is going well with your pregnancy.

    I cant believe our little ones are 18 months old already..... how time flys huh! Proper little cheeky monkeys now...... Im absolutely loving this stage!

    Enjoy your scan on Wednesday! Are you going to find out what colour of bump your growing?

    Louise xxx
  • Thanks ladies image 1 more sleep!!

    Lisa, we told everyone, my last scan was 11+6 so felt safe enough to let people know, and after the mc it felt like i'd been pregnant for about 6 months so I dont think I could have waited any longer!

    Cat I can see the problem, I was a little worried about our surname Williow O'S... alot of o sounds but im thinking of May as the middle name (a little tribute to our angel bean that would have been due in May) so that breaks it up a bit!

    Louise we are going to stay team yellow like last time. I liked not knowing although it would be nice to know if its worth me washing all Holly's tiny pink clothes!!

    Ill try to post pics tomorrow after the scan

    Lisa xxx
  • So pleased its all going well for you good luck with your scan tom, love Willow May xxx Also like Rhys xxx
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