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Ghost Town!

Hello remaining BIAug09ers ... wow BE is such a ghost town nowadays! It's not just our birth club, my new Due in group is really quiet and when you scroll through the forum there are loads that haven't been posted in for ages. Thank God for FB so I can keep in touch with you lovely ladies.

Bets: you're right, BIS09 is still on fire! Well done September ladies!

Anyway, hope you re all well and enjoying life with your crazy little toddlers image

Helen x


  • I guess BE really upset alot of people when they changed everything, tbh I cant see what all the fuss was about and I really miss the busy-ness!!

    It used to take ages to get through all the new posts but now about 5 minutes on here and ive seen it all image
  • It has been quiet in this forum since we all gave birth really though hasn't it.

    I still pop in every week but dont always reply to posts aS I just dont have time, which is bad of me really.

    Its a shame cos this forum was fab when we were pregnant last time and kept me sane throughout.

    Hopefully people will still stick around!

    Lisa - I'm with you the changes dont bother me, though I would like to be called MrsN again it just wont let me!!

    Lisa x
  • it is so very quiet in here! it used to take me ages to catch up if i hadnt been on in a while, now there can be no new posts for days!

    its nice to see a lot of you on fb though! i also really loved this place wen i was pregnant! even now i enjoy reading about all you ladies and little ones, espesh now a lot of you are expecting again!

    crazy little toddlers wow u got that right helen! haha i laugh every day with cailey! shes so funny just now!

    how are you all doing?

  • Hiya everyone! I'm guilty of not being here for ages! James is nearly 4 and Isla is an absolute mischief so I am busy busy busy! But its lovely to hear the new baby news x
  • Just put on Lisa's thread about resurrecting the forum, come on we can do it, I will happily jump back Helen, ( or back and forth!)

    Everyone seems so busy, and it is really quiet, maybe they advertised the site more when we were all pregnant, or maybe with the recession people aren't buying magazines left right and centre, and saving their pennies intead?

    Toddler is the most dead of the lot, there seems to be one or two posters, and nothing thats really relevant to out mischievous gaggle!

    Betsy XxX
  • Maybe we all have our hands full! Seriously though, its a shame about that whole Nest thing. I wasn't affected though so I guess I can't really comment.

    I pop in all the time, but I don't always reply as I'm often pushed for time. I solemnly swear to make more of an effort!!

    I have some of you girls on my facebook but I must admit, I get very confused as to who is who!! x
  • Me too Kimmy, I know you on fb cos dont have anyone else with your name, but there are quite a few Lisa's that I get mixed up sometimes!! I have to go looking at photos to see baby names to figure out who is who lol
  • There are so many Lisa's!! x
  • kimmy i dont think we're connected on facebook?

    if you wanna add me pm n i'll send u my details or add u!

    this forum will gone before we know it! and i'd like to keep in touch with everyone, even if its just every now and again!

  • No don't think we are- just PMed you x
  • hi girls, its is quiet isnt it. and trying for a baby forum is not the same. I miss the good old days image
  • hi ladies sorry im hardly ever on this forum as its just not the same image but if u wanna add me on fb pm me image would be gd 2 catch up image
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