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Due date list 2011



  • I think I will add myself to the list now, even though I have no clue on dates. Can you put me as Jan '12 please? x
  • aww congrats to u shell on a pink bump.... so nice you will have one of each.

  • Still very very early days.... but think I may be 24th Jan 2012!

    I still cant belive it... Im in shock! Got my first bfp on Thurs morning, very faint on an ebay cheapie and then a stronger line on a Superdrug test yesterday and today I used CBD and it said pregnant 2-3 wks.


    Please anyone on FB dont mention it as we're gonna try keep quiet as long as possible.

    Hope you are all keeping well.

  • Congratulations sweet as sugar! Fantastic news!! Lots of love xxxxxx image
  • How is everyone doing? Hope you are all well! We have decided to TTC number 2 from January! Only 7 months away...scary stuff. I am very broody at the moment. Terrified of giving birth after what happened last time but we really want another child so i'm going to have to get over it. Feeling quite excited! xxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks Sapphire!

    Hope you and Issy are well!

    Very exciting news that your ttc from Jan!

    I am also a bit scared this time round, even though I didnt have a bad experience last time! Maybe cos I know what to expect.... or what can go wrong when I already have a gorgeous little girl!

    Hope you dont have to wait too long on your bfp.

  • Oh my, congrats sugar! Fast work this time, I am so so pleased for you. Sapphire, when you're broody it's great to have a date to focus on. The time will fly by x
  • Congrats, and shame I won't see you in Jan x
  • Thanks girls...

    I know Kimmy, would of been nice going to anotehr due in forum with you. Hope your looking after yourself?

    Didnt want to start a new thread cos I felt it was a bit insensitive after what you've just been through. xx
  • Oh please don't worry you deserve to be happy sweetie, but thank you for your concern anyhow

    I'm doing ok, disappointed but I'm not as bad as I was when I had my ectopic. Got AF yesterday so I'm looking to the next few weeks, really hoping I get PG again in June xx
  • I hope you dont have to wait too long hun xx
  • All being well I'll be due on 28th Jan. Early days though so fingers crossed. xxx

    (My user name when I used to come on here when last pregnant was HellyM (but someone's pincked it) and my profile pic had some water (a swimming pool) and a plant - in case anyone didn't recognise me. x
  • Please dont anyone mention this on facebook as we are keeping it a secret but my bump is BLUE!!!! Had a 3d scan yesterday, it was so amazing image

    Congrats to the new bfp's.

    Delighted you have decided to start ttc sapphire, hope its a quick bfp for you in the new year.

    Fingers crossed for you too kimmy, I only had 1 af between my mc and this pregnancy, it seems to happen quite alot. Ill be thinking of you xxx
  • congrats to everyone with bumps Im feeling really jealous LOL.

    Congrats lisa on your blue bump and im not sure is were friends on fb? x
  • Thanks Lisa, and congrats on your little boy! Names??! I won't mention anything on FB xxx
  • Fiona, I dont think I have you on facebook, message me your email and i'll add you image

    Yes Kimmy, we picked Rhys for our little man. Still cant quite believe im going to be buying blue!!
  • Wow Lisa thats fab, a little boy ! Rhys is a lovely name!!

    My lips are sealed! hehe

  • Mine is 14th Jan at the mo image xxx
  • Mine is 1st Jan 2012! Can't wait to find out if its blue or pink, next scan is 17th August!x x
  • Hello!! I am pregnant too!! Due 6th March although that it likely to change image xxx
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