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Ella had her first major tantrum today, she was uncontrolable!!!

I stayed calm and tried everything to console her but she was literally climbing the walls and even fellhead first into the toy box image

All I wanted to do was lay her somewhere soft so she couldnt harm herself.

I ended up putting her in the cot where she eventually stopped crying and screaming and calmed down.

But I had to stay in the room, she didnt even want a cuddle image

Has anyone elses lo's started having tantrums yet? I forgot how horrible it can be :cry:


  • Haiden has stamping tantrums, but nothing quite like you have described yet. I guess it's only a matter of time! What was it over? x
  • Well we see the odd flash of it now but she's certainly not mastered it yet! She hasn't realised that she needs to prolong it for it to be effective! She'll go stiff as a board and lie on the floor, or throw something, but then generally she's back to normal. She got annoyed at the hospital the other day and threw a newspaper on the floor - my mum tutted and she picked it up and put it back! In John Lewis' last weekend she threw herself on the floor, I told her to get up as someone was trying to get past - she just jumped up and shouted 'Oh yeah!' Must try harder with your tantrums, Roisin! Sure they'll take off when her brother comes alongimage
  • Kimmy - I asked her if she wanted some lunch!!! lol

    littlerose - aww bless her, Ella used to have lovely tantrums where like roisin she just stiffened and laid on floor but would get up if you asked her! I was well pleased thought thats all I had to deal with. How wrong was I lol

  • We have times that I can only describe as H 'kicking off big time'. He screams, throws things around the room in temper and has just started banging his head against the wall - which took me by complete surprise. When you tell him to stop banging his head he just shouts 'NO MumMum'. He did it today as he was trying to climb into his toy box to get yet another toy out. When I told him not to and to help put a fw things away first he just went mad!!

    He is a right little monkey I'm telling you - think I'll have my hands full!!

    I thought the tantrums didn't start til 2!? Oh the fun and games.
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