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Another Miracle

Hi Ladies

Thought I would share my news with you, if you remember Reuben was IVF 1st attempt well I am pregnant again with 2nd attempt with the frozen embroys from last time I am still in shock had my scan today so I am due beg of Novemember cannot believe my luck!!! I have had 3 bleeds already though so hoping no more bleeds and all is ok.

Hope your all ok



  • Ah what fantastic news!! Congratulations!! Fingers crossed you have no more bleeds!!

    Take care, Lisa xx
  • Congratulations, and best of luck!! x
  • aw lovely news! huge congrats to you! it is obviously meant to be!

    i bled for the first 4 months of my pregnancy, and like you elisa they still dont know why! however i have a healthy little girl!

    try not to worry, easier said than done i know! plenty rest! haha again easier said than done!

  • How wonderful congratulations Annette!!!!
  • Thanks ladies I am sooo excited x
  • Wonderful news image I had kept a sneaky eye on your progress in the other forum, so pleased for you. Let me know your due date and I'll add you to the list x
  • They are some good ice pops you have there! Congratulations again, hope everything settles quickly and you can get into enjoying your very special pregnancy!

    Bets XxX
  • Thanks ladies you are sooo lovely I am due on the 6th Nov.

    I'm a bit dissapointed I can't get to see my midwife until 13th April by this time i'll be 10-11 weeks and my scan isn't requested till then so my scan will probably be closer to 14 weeks which is gonna kill me I need to check bubs is ok so I can tell everyone. Although I have a right podgey belly so not sure how long i can hide it for x
  • So happy for you Annette. xxxx image xxxx
  • Congratulations and I hope everything went ok in the scan xxxx
  • Fab news, so chuffed for you Annette xx
  • Ah Annette thats fantastic news! Hope all went well at the scan and looking forward to hearing all about it

    Kirsty xxx
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