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Shoe sizes

Erm ... just wondering if my beautiful daughter has massive clown feet ... she's a tall one but I was surprised to find out she's already a 6F! Some of the kiddies in my class (4 and 5 year olds) are only size 9! Can anyone top size 6???


  • Isabelle's best friend Florrie is a 6 1/2G! She is really tall, everyone thinks she is 3, and often that they are a year apart, not a month!

    Peap-diddy is a 5E, but she has her mothers clown feet on her tiny frame, as she is still in 12-18 month clothes (but to be fair Roisin tops that too with her 0-3 jeans!!!)

    Unlike me who is a 9, I share shoes with my hubby! (again, this is a twist on the truth, I steal my hubbies shoes, he doesn't wear mine, I promise!)

    Bets XxX
  • Can't beat it- Haiden wears a 5F, but they did say her feet are narrower than that but they don't have narrower shoes x
  • Harrison is a 5G. Funny - his feet have grown but he hasn't. He is still really short for his age compared to his little friends.

    I actually think he's a 5F as he had his feet measured when he was really hot and had hurt his foor which was swollen.

    I've just bought him some really really cool adidas trainers that he now wont take off and keeps saying 'new shoes mumma'. awww.
  • My LO is an October09 baby and he is a 6.5h his feet have always been huge, one of the first things I ever noticed haha
  • Whoa, big feet! X
  • Ella is only a 4H its a big surprise because her big sister was a 6 1/2 G at this age. She's 5 now and a size 13!!!!!

  • Reuben is a 6g he's tall to x
  • Cailey has size 7 feet..... but the rest of her is in proportion, she is the size of an average 3.5 year old in her height and weight!

    we've had trouble getting her shoes as shes not walking yet, and cruisers only do up to a size 5, but i wanted her to get used to having something on her feet. She was never able to wear soft shoes as a baby because her extra toes made her feet far too wide for baby shoes!

  • Hiya all.

    Isabelle is a 6F too. Glad to hear that others are a similar size. All her little friends are only 41/2's or 5's.

  • Hi, my Samantha is 16mths old and in 5f shoes. Very tall little girl but also very slim which is annoying as she is height for 12-18mth old clothes but still has waist fitting 9-12mth old clothes.
  • Alfie is size 6 but imagine will soon be size 7! He's soooo tall. The last lot of t-shirts I bought are aged 2-3years!!

    For those on FB, I uploaded a few pics recently of Alfie sat next to his almost-4yr old cousin... there's not a huge difference in size between them.

    Shell xx
  • Jack is a 5g and is fairly tall for 20mths compared with others at playgroup. He's also 2stone 3lb and although he's losing his baby weight is still solid. His big bro was 2stone 7-10 mid way through first school so Jack is way bigger - bless x
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