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To the pregnant ladies

How are your pregnancies going- everything okay?

Have they been different from the last ones xx


  • Hello! I'm feeling good and loving being preggers! Apart from needing lots of early nights all is well. Am 25 weeks tomorrow, eek! I had different pg symptoms this time. With R I had implantation bleed, didn't this time. This time on day of missed AF I had a metallic taste, which I didn't get last time. Both times had morning sickness - it was worse first time but went after 1st tri , this time it went on until 16 weeks. Since then it has been easy and same as last time really. Just starting to get a stitch under my bump and leg cramps, same as with R! Got another active baba, but this one goes crazy when I'm in the bath and R never seemed to bother x

  • Oh wow you look great! Do you think your bump is different this time? X
  • HI hun,

    So far things are exactly the same for me (well maybe not quite as bad).

    I'm SICK SICK SICK and have had 2 bleeds! I had quite a lot of bleeding til 16 weeks with H so kinda expected it though it still scares you.

    The weeks are going so slowly too...12 weeks scan is on 3rd May...cant wait!!
  • This pregnancy is going much the same as the last, only way quicker!! Cant believe im 22 weeks tomorrow!

    The tiredness is a bit worse as I cant nap whenever I feel like it and have to get up with Holly. And im a little bit achier, again probably down to not being able to take it easy.

    Im enjoying every minute though, we have 4d scan in less than 6 weeks, really looking forward to that as we didnt get one last time.
  • You look fab littlerose!

    I must admit i'm getting really really broody now. It's so hard to know when will be the right time to try for number 2. The money side of things worries's a killer paying for childcare for 1 never mind 2. Maybe next year...

    Glad you yummy mummies are all keeping ok.

    xxxxxx image
  • Do it next year with me, I am a bridesmaid in July, so anytime after that would be good, however, I could change my mind again between now and then!

    Bets XxX
  • I can't do childcare for two, I'll have to stop working so it will be even bigger having number two than having haiden x
  • This pregnancy has been totally different. I really struggled carrying Riley but this time I've found it alot easier-apart from the tiredness, could literally sleep all day! Riley sleeps well tho and still has an aftanoon nap so that helps. Well it's the 1st of may and I'm due the end of the month, getting quite scary now!! Lost my plug last night, I'm convinced it's cuz we dtd the night b4, so now (much 2 oh's delight!) I've instructed it must b done every night 2 get things going!! image

    had my mind changed alot recently about going 4 elcs, I've gotta decide between elcs and vbac by the 10th....still not sure!! Hopefully all this dtd doing will get him shifted so I don't hav 2 decide!! Also changed his name, was ayden now carter xxx
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