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Update-really scared

I think I'm pregnant. Had two bfps this morning on an ebay cheapy and a superdrug. But I had what I thought was my period and the tests are feint. I can't deal with another ectopic, but this is what happened first time round x

Edited to say I'm definitely pregnant, did a cbd x


  • Hope you are OK hun, sounds very confusing to me. I know with Isabelle I didn't get a BFP on CBD until 21 DPO!

    How many abbrieviations did I fit in that!

    Bets XxX
  • Ha, I love seeing how many abbreviations I can fit in! Thanks for your message, you won't believe how much you have reassured me with your late bfp! Saw the doc today and she was very positive which cheered me up. Couldn't get an early scan till monday though, and as a few days could mean a mayor difference to keeping my remaining tube (if the worst happens) I have booked a private scan for tomorrow. 75 quid! Hope I actually get to see something for that money! X
  • Good luck Kimmy, hope all goes well xx

    P.S. go easy on the abbreviations.... I still don't know what half of em mean! lol
  • Congratulations Kimmy and wishing you a healthy pg. Good luck for the scan and hopefully as Bets says, it can still turn out fine.

    Shell, I only learned what bfp and af were last yearimage CBD and DPO are all way too advanced for me!

    Kirsty xxx
  • Thanks everyone, I'll let you know how I get on later x
  • Hope all has gone well today hun XxX
  • Congratulations hun, I hope your scan has gone well and it will be a happy and healthy pg for you!

  • Hi guys. Scan was a waste of time and money, she couldn't see anything so I think it's just too early. Hate the waiting game- hope Monday comes quickly (but not so quickly that they still can't see anything!) x
  • im guessing you have to go back monday in the hopes that bean will be big enough to see? xx
  • NHS scan on Monday- the private one I went to because I couldn't get in for NHS one for a week, and to me that seemed too long as it could mean the difference between me keeping of losing my remaining tube xx
  • OMG!! Congratulations, I have everything crossed that bubs is in the right place and you will have a happy and healthy 9 months.


    24 weeks today image
  • Thanks Lisa. Did another CBD today which said 2-3 weeks. Monday's one said 1-2 weeks so at least I know my hcg is going up. I'm a bit happier that the "period that wasn't" doesn't mean anything now x
  • Have been laptopless with only phone internet so only just seen this... massive congrats! So sorry you had a scare. Remember some people have periods throughout their pregnancy. Ooh I wonder if you have a pink or a blue one? Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months xxx
  • just wanted to wish you luck for today kimmy. let us know how you get on.

  • G/C from DIS but hoping all goes well for you Kimmy. I had light bleeding throughout my 1st trimester owing to ligaments tearing with the natural stretch and growth of uterus but as of wk14 all stopped and now at 22wks everything seems to be as near normal as could be. My sister had very faint positive when carrying my nephew and hospital told her to prepare for worst and were surprised to find him in right spot with healthy heartbeat at 12wks into term. Keeping everything crossed for you.
  • Best of luck Kimmy, thinking of you.

    I had 3 bleeds with Holly and a 1 day "period" before I found out I was pregnant.

    Lisa xxx
  • No update for you I'm afraid- they couldn't see anything again. They think it's just still too early but I can't help feeling that something is wrong. I have had brown spotting for 6 days now. They said there is a haemmorhaetic (sp?) cyst on my ovary and that could explain the spotting, but there is no sign of inter or exter- uterine pregnancy at the moment. I'm so scared that something is wrong. They took blood today and she is goingto ring me later with the results, but I'll probably have to go back on Wednesday for more
  • Good luck, I have only one tube and know how scary it can be, take care of yourself and push them to find out what's happening it's your body x
  • I am expecting the bloods back this afternoon and then will probably have to go back in 2 days for more. The nurse said I probably won't be scanned for another 10 days, so I guess I just have to wait in this close to tears state for even longer. Or not, if the bloods come back lower than what CBD 2-3 weeks should be then I think that's bad news xx
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