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It's over

Well it looks like that's it. Nurse just called and my hormone level is at 25. So it's gone down to an almost not-pregnant level. To say I'm devastated is an understatement. I guess now I just need to wait to bleed- my endometrium is 10mm so there is some stuff needs to come out.

Thanks for all your messages guys x


  • So sorry you have been through such a rollercoaster of emotions hunny with all of this.

    Glad that you finally have had things confirmed rather than dragging on any longer, so you can have some "down" time and then start again, re-freshed and re-charged.

    Take time to grieve the baby you have lost, you were pregnant, no matter how short that was,

    Thinking of you and sending hugs

  • So sorry Kimmy. Be kind to yourself and have lots of cuddles with your gorgeous girl x
  • g/c Really sorry to see this hope you can take some time out to look after yourself :cry: am glad there is some silver lining that your remaining tube is still intact and will see you back on with a BFP in the future image x
  • So sorry Kimmy

    **big hugs**
  • so sorry to hear this Kimmy, I know how you feel, if you want to chat im here or on fb. Cry as much as you need to and when you feel strong enough and ready, you will have your much wanted baby.

    Massive hugs

    Lisa xxx
  • Thanks everyone. I'm really unsure what happens now. I'm still spotting brown and I'm getting impatient to just bleed and get it all finished now, because until that happens I'm still scared that they are wrong and it's in my tube. If it doesn't get to that next week I'll go and see my doc and try and get some answers

    I'll take a cheapy test at the end of the week and see if I get BFN, like the nurse recommended xx
  • So sorry to read this big hugs x
  • Oh hunni i've not been on here for ages. so sorry to read this and hope you are doing ok.

    Hugs and Much Love

    Jo xxx
  • Oh Kimmy, so sorry to hear your sad news. Take things easy and will keep fingers crossed there are no further problems for you.
  • Hi all, thanks for your messages

    I'm so confused at the moment. I really got no info at the EPU only that my hcg was at 25 and to do another test in a few days which should be negative. Anyway, I did one last night and it's still positive, obviously so. I am still spotting brown (almost a week and a half now) and I have only had a little bit of red blood Wed and Thur when I went to the loo. I was relieved when I first saw the red as it thought it would be over soon, but it has come to a standstill. It could easily be in my mind but I keep thinking I feel twinges to my left side (the side with the tube)

    To my mind they haven't done enough to prove that this is not another ectopic. I had one scan which showed no sign of pregnancy anywhere (only a thick endometrium) and one blood test. I think they should be doing more as if I lose my other tube then that's it for me, and I will be devastated, no more children

    I have today booked an appointment with my doctor for Monday morning to talk all this through with her, so should things not change over the weekend I will hopefully be able to get more investigation done

    In an ideal world, I will begin bleeding properly this weekend and also have a negative test, but instinct tells me that I'm right and this isn't what they think it is. As soon as I got BFP my instinct told me that the pregnancy wasn't okay and I was right. I'm so scared xx
  • oh kimmy you poor thing, I was going to reply sorry for your loss until I read your last post. This must be so confusing for you. You just need some answers, if only they could tell you for definate.

    I really hope you dont have an ectopic

    Were here for you hunny

    big hug, take care xx
  • Thanks all. Updated to say I have got a negative test now. I'm so so sad, and so angry too
  • So sorry to hear this kimmy. I've messaged u on fb Hun xxxx
  • Kimmy I am so sorry to hear this! Thinking of you.

  • Thanks everyone. I'm okay really, very disappointed of course because I had thought how far along I would be at certain points of the year (my sister's hen do and wedding for example)and now I won't be. I'm also angry that now I have lost two and others never lose any (really sorry, hope that doesn't cause offence); it just seems so unfair

    But anyway, I'm back in the saddle so to speak, and as I don't have the first idea when I am going to OV this month H2B is going to get lucky more regularly than usual! I'm determined to get PG again this month! xx
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