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need someone to talk to

think im pregnant but not sure and too scared to test x


  • Posted on your thread in Planning to Conceive- fingers crossed, let us know when you are going to test xxx
  • Sorry Fiona image It will happen for you. I'm sure your next little baby is just round the corner! Have a nice, relaxing weekend with your lovely girls x
  • thankyou image
  • How are you doing? Did AF come? x
  • CD43 today, no AF but got another BFN this morning.

    got some more mild pains though so maybe she'll show later or tomorrow morning :cry:
  • still no af but was doubled over in severe af pains this morning, i expect to see red everytime I wipe but nothing!
  • Very odd! Do your cycles usually change length by a few days? How early/late was BFP with Ella? x
  • Hi, G/C from DIS but wanted to say that my sister didn't get BFP with my nephew (her 2nd) until she was 12wks into term with him and even then it was faint. Hospital warned her it could be ectopic but there he was where he should be, she was just slow building up HCG.
  • Hi Kimmy, my cycles can be irregular. Since coming off pill they have been 43,47,33,40 and 41 days long BUT the first 2 cycles were longer because of the pill which I stopped early on in the cycle.

    I got my BFP on CD47 with Ella but I didnt test before that because it was month 12 ttc and I had given up hope and didnt expect it!!!

    Hi Kazzie, wow how strange!

    I keep thinking maybe the tests were rubbish? They were tesco own but thats what I used with Ella so I dont know.

    Even after all my walking today I still havent come on and I havent had any cramping since this morning xx
  • Also I might add that when I get af cramping like I did this morning af always follows.

    And I still have loads of cm, im really wet? I usually dry up before af x
  • Hmm, curiouser and curiouser. As much as I would like to say "TEST TEST TEST" I reckon wait a few more days, because your cycles are a little erratic, just to be on the safe side x
  • Yeah I think ill wait til cd47 to test which is this sat x
  • i got another bfn today, im so fed up of this long cycle. hurry up af!!!! :x
  • Fiona you seem to be riding a rollercoaster at he mo.... I hope its just a very shy bfp for you. Maybe try Superdrug tests? They are supposed to be really good and quite sensitive.

  • How's it going Fiona? x
  • Hi Kimmy,

    Im on CD51 I think, im losing count now!

    I had a blood test on monday after speaking to the doctor, Ill find out the results on Tuesday x
  • Oh goodness, that's a long cycle you are having! Let us know on Tuesday x
  • CD1 today, stupid 52 day cycle!

    Im quite relieved and ready to start trying again officially this month image
  • That's good news Fiona image On to a fresh cycle. Let's hope it's a bit shorter! Xx
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