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Hi everyone. I was just wondering what is your routine (times) and what do you feed your LO's for snacks?? Is anyone still giving bottle of milk (in the night, arrgh!!)or are you all on cups? I'm running out of ideas for snacks, my little boy keeps getting the same old stuff!! I feel like I'm constantly feeding him, then he wont eat his dinner or tea!! Ta x


  • Hi Lisa,

    Ella eats what we eat now just smaller portions. For snacks she likes bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries, yoghurts, biscuits, cheese, in fact any fruit and I do like to treat her to a yummy biscuit now and then. Its impossible to avoid with a 5 year old in the house!

    She doesnt have a bottle anymore, were on the tommee tippee beaker which she just has water in, occassionally juice. I give her water for bedtime.

    Routine is roughly like this:

    Breakfast: 6-7am (weetabix or any cereal except sugar or chocolate coated)

    Snack: 10am (fruit)

    Lunch: 12pm (sandwich & salad or Pasta)

    Snack: 2pm (fruit or cheese or biscuit)

    Dinner: 5pm (anything we eat except steak pie which she turns her nose up at!)

    Afters: 6pm (yoghurt usually but if we all have a cake or ice cream she'll have some too image )
  • We don't have a routine as such, because with me working full time, Haiden spends weekdays at nursery and with my sister, so it's pretty impossible!

    Haiden has a beaker of milk before bed, which she has cold straight from the fridge. During the day she drinks water, or if she is at OH's mum's she get's spoilt with weak sugar free squash or Ribena extra light. If we are out for lunch or something we might get her a Fruit Shoot

    Breakfast is cornflakes or rice crispies, and from somewhere she has picked up the habit of drinking the milk from the bowl

    Snacks (at home) are petit filous or fruit pots, a biscuit or a few crisps. At nursery they are alot more healthy and snacks will be rice cakes, or cheese, or cucumber sticks (imagine if I tried to give her those!!), or a slice of malt loaf

    In terms of dinner, Haiden always wants what I'm having, so if we are eating out she will turn her nose up at her plate and pick from mine (even if it's the same!) and at home I get her climbing all over me to try and get to my plate. Sometimes she grabs my food and shoves it in my mouth rather than eating it herself x
  • Thanks for your replies. Ha Kimmy, sounds like my little boy! We all had spagetti bolognese tonight, didnt want his but got out of his chair and was eating everyone elses, despite being the same!! I think I need to get tough and cut out some of his snacking!! He does eat healthy tho, he loves fruit and would eat it all day so I do tend to give him some biscuits and choc choc sometimes. x
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