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Plans for your babies 1st Birthday?

Hi all,
Im so excited that Ella will be 1 on 5th August, its going super quick!

Were having a garden party with friends and family the Saturday after Ella's birthday.
I hope the weather is nice.
I have no idea what present to get her.

What plans does everyone else have for the big occasion?

Fiona and Ella, 9 months 1 week


  • Hiya! Sophie will be 1 on the 24th August and like you we're planning to have a lovely summer's day garden party and barbecue!

    I'm hoping to get her a smart trike recliner but don't really want to wait til August as think it would be great for family walks all summer.

    Hasn't this 9 months flown in compared to the previous 9? lol:lol:
  • Haiden's birthday is the 30th July. We are going to have a Teddy Bears Picnic themed party in the garden the day after, with some babies but mostly big people I think!

    I'm currently collecting blankets for the lawn and shabby chic style cushion covers to set the scene. I also want some wicker baskets and a lovely pink spotty cake stand I have seen in Argos. We will have a BBQ and also some picnic-y food

    I was thinking about getting her a nice bracelet or something xx
  • I've been excited for months!! I am hoping to have a family and friends BBQ as i don't have many friends with babies.... I am going to get Jack a Smart Trike and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Dancer! Teehee. x
  • Ha ha seems all us August mamas have the same idea! Roisin is 1 on 14th August and I'm hoping for a barbeque garden party - going to fill the garden with some lovely bits like windmills, bubble machine etc and have family and a couple of friends around. Fingers crossed for a hot summer! x
  • We dont really have a big enough garden so we think we'll be giring somewhere but doing all the food ourselves.
    We're having Jo jingles come to do some stuff with the little ones too.
    I cant wait I'm so excited - but at the same time i cant believe my little man is going to be 1 very soon!!!
  • Gosh hasnt the time flown by!! 1st birthday planning already! Cailey will be 1 on the 22nd!
    We too are also planning a garden party with a BBQ. We are going to use my mums garden as most of our family live near her and we are 45 miles away!
    I have also been looking at the smart trikes! I like that reclining one SpecialK. Where have you seen that one?
  • I can't believe we are planning our 1st b days so excitedimage

    Rose will be one on the 9th aug so we are planning a garden party also with a bbq it will mostly be adults but I am so excited. Thats thebike we will be getting her as well, i have just bought her a swing too and a ball pit which is also part of her b day gift even though it is earyimage

    K lou xx
  • Doesn't time fly when you're having fun??!

    Alfie will be 1 on the 21st Aug and we're doing the garden party/BBQ thing too! We'll just be inviting immediate family and a couple of close friends who have kiddie winkies. Fingers crossed for the weather but we also have a gazebo too so should hopefully go ahead either way!

    I haven't thought what presents to get but I like the Trike idea.

    Shell xx
  • Hi! That recliner smart trike is in Toys R Us for ??99. Bought balls for ball pit yesterday and stored them away. 400 multicoloured ones for ??18! Just need to get a pool or pit now! Going to try to get bits and pieces from now til the big day to spread the cost!

    I live in the city centre and we have a big shared courtyard that we're going to use. It's a real sun trap and has seating and plant areas as well as covered shaded bits. Was thinking of getting some of that big jigsaw foam matting stuff to avoid too many bumps on the paved areas. Anyone got any recommendations?

    My new best friend (who I met at antenatal classes) makes cakes as a hobby and she is going to do this one for Sophie! Just need to decide whether to stick with Makka Pakka or go with Dee Li and Lau Lau from Waybuloo. Much cuteness!

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