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When to try again?

For those of you who have made this decision, when are you going to try again? we have probably done this already, but looking for reassurance I won't be the last fo the August 09 ladies to be trying again!! I don't want to be the last one)

We have to wait until our housing situation changes and I need a bit longer at work fulltime (can't afford to put 2 into childcare) so we are planning trying again towards the end of next year. I can't wait!!



  • Worry not, you won't be the last!

    We are even thinking of it until my stick runs out in three years (argh, two now!) and even then I may have another in and wait a while longer, we will see, but we always new we wanted a bit of a gap! I am certainly not broody yet, my best friend has a 7 week old, and my SIL is due at new year, and Hubby's cousin is getting married in a month and trying straight away so I have a steady flow of babies to appease me!

    However, when my friend was round with her little girl the other day I really had to stop myself getting up and taking her off her when she cried?!
    Cant wait for my SIL to have hers as then the in-laws can wreak havoc and noise at their child not ours! Oh, and they can spin it round and lets see if they laugh at their own child falling whilst trying to crawl as they are so dizzy Grrrrrrr!

    Bets XxX
  • Thank you!!! I might have the implant after number 2- how are you getting on with it? x
  • It's so hard to be practical when you're broody isn't it? Was originally going to start trying this month, but it will now be at the earliest November and ideally January if I can bear to wait that long! x
  • Ive got the implant in until May 2013 so Jack will be almost 4 so you'll def not be the last. I bled for about 10 days then I've had no af since may image Never had a mood swing or any side effect whatsover! My doc prepared me for constant bleeding and mood swings but not a sausage (touch wood)

    K x
  • Well,
    I am on my 3rd, and up until 3 weeks ago I would always rave about it, never having had an issue, yet now...

    My first period in 5, nearly 6 years shows no sign of stopping and is making me all bloated and yuk and hormonal so I am going to mention it to the doc tomorrow!

    But, I love it, and if he suggests the pill and the implant I think it would be hormone overload so would prob just see how things go for a bit longer rather than try that.

    As for being broody, I really am not, and what scares me more is that my implant has 2 years and 1 month left in it (max!) and we are discussing another baby as being 4/5 years away, when in reality its probably 3-3 1/2!Eeeeeeek!

    Bets XxX
  • Eeek- sometimes I wish I wasn't broody. It would make things so much easier!

    Have any of you had issues with weight gain on the implant? x
  • Hi Girls,

    We've decided to start trying for bubba number 2 in december/january whilst we're in OZ!
    I wouldn't say I'm really broody but mnore thinking practically I guess. I want them closer together and only want 2. Once I have the next and have a year off I can then make decisions about my career and our future (whether we emigrate or not) and things like that.
    I miss hvaing a tiny baby around but they dont stay tiny forever do they. Not sure how I'll cope with 2 given how nuts Harrison is (ha ha) but I'm excited about it.
    I gained weight with the implant but then again I have with every contraceptive!!
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