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Now i know were all friends...

Thought i good way to start this

We can discuss anything and everything on here, somethings - infact MOST things i could never speak to friends, family hubby etc about so here goes another one:

Does anyone else still find sex painful since giving birth? I dont know what it is but it really hurts, i only had a tiny 1st degree tear and a couple of small stitches i am told so nothing too major but it just feels too tight? (omg tmi - sorry guys!)

Is this normal and hpw would i know if things weren't right?

Newlook x


  • Honestly yes at the beginning I find it a bit painful too. I only had one stitch. It hurst down the bottom bit (if you know what I mean) and it does feel a bit different there too x
  • YES!! I find it quite uncomfortable - i was cut with scissors with no numbing on gas and air!! Ouch! lol
    Like Kimmy it hurts round that bit i was cut. Not sure when it will go - hoping soon!! x
  • Im the same.... I was cut, although with local anaesthetic! Shezza your post made me wince! I can still hear it in my head, the cutting that is! Not nice!
    I wouldnt say its sore, but more like a funny numb feeling. I have huge scars down both sides of my left leg from a traffic accident 11 years ago and on the outside of my leg i get the same feeling when its touched, its like the tissue has been pulled too tight!
    I also get this numb feeling when AF is here, it makes me cross my legs and hold my bits lol.....

  • Yeah its at the bottom bit? lol feel like its way too tight! i hope it doesnt last forever image
  • I know - i said to my hubby they must have stitched it up tighter!! lol
    Yep makes me wince thinking of it - hubby said i screamed like i was being murdered - thats because it felt that way!! lol
  • Don't!
    We've only tried once and it killed!
    I still feel quite tender and odd down there. I had a 3rd degree tear. I don't have any urge to "do it" at all. I'm a bit worried to be honest. I tense up so much and get all tearful! I think i've got issues! image
    It is reassuring to hear i'm not the only one who finds it painful though.
  • I am a single mum with a 7 month old and I said jokingly a day or two after she was born that I will never have any more babies as I am never letting a man touch me ever ever again. Now, after reading this, I think I will stick to that as I am now very scared :-S haha x
  • Hey ladies, I had a c section, so all my bits are intact! But just wanted to say hope u all get aorted and comfy soon! Sapphire, I have no desire either hun! It started as being too tired and now we're in a rut, plus I really really went off my hubby for quite some time, I even considered leaving in my darker hours. Things are getting better slowly, but tbh sex is the last thing on my mind! it's rough how these babies, hormones etc affect you and your relationship, nearly all my mum friends say it's totally normal and just to give yourself time, it will come back, hun xxx
  • HI Ladies - I was cut when they tried ventouse and ended up having a section - lucky me!! I feel fine down there but didn't for ages.
    Just to say one of my antenatal friends (no idea why i still call her that) has just had to go back in and be cut and restitched. Turns out the mw did a very poor job. She was complaingin for months how sore she felt and eventually saw the gynae who said she needed an op - she was in extreme pain though so please dont feel I'm trying to scare you. Perhaps if it carries on for a few months have it looked at (Ahh I hate having my bits looked at!!)

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