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Who's walking?

Anyone's LO taken their first steps? I was walking at 9 months so thought there might be some quick bubs on here!

Haiden walks a bit pushing her vtech walker thing so I don't think it will be long! xx


  • i too was walking by 9 months kimmy, as was my brother.
    cailey is no where near it..... she wont take her own weight on her legs so wont even stand just now, she doesnt crawl or bottom shuffle herself either, quite happy just sitting.
    ive spoken tot he dr and paediatrician and they say its fine! personally i think theres something not quite right but time will tell!

    go haiden! she'll soon be zoomin all over the place! my niece is 8 months now and cruises everwhere holding on to furniture and her walker, she wont be long in walking but she's so tiny it looks odd lol.
  • I was also walking at 9months, never even crawled.
    Ella is cruising along the sofa slowly, she loves pushing her ride on car

  • Iris is coasting around using the furniture and pushing her trolley with wooden blocks in. Lilac was walking well by 10months, i was proud but so sad as i wanted her to stay a baby forever, Felix was walking by 10 months too so i don't think Iris will be long as she lets go of the furniture and just stands there laughing hahaha. Not sure if its an hereditary thing though as i was over 1 before i walked and hubby was 16 months yet we've had early walkers.
    Jo xx
  • Both hubby and I were walking on or around our 1st birthdays but Brad didn't walk until 15 months ( 13 corrected age due to prem) and Jack is in no hurry! Loves to walk around if you hold his hands, in fact if my back would allow it, he'd do it all day! He commando crawls and rolls everywhere and would love to be more mobile but not there yet. X
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