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weaning pics



  • A few messy pics of George! x

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  • I just laughed out loud at George's pics & made my dog jump, oops. They're soooo funny. All the pictures are! I think weaning pics are my favourite.
    Claire, George has really come on hasn't he, he was a wee nipper when I last saw him. I can't believe how quick they're growing up!

    Shell xx
  • Hi Shell, hes come on alot after we got his milk sorted. When we saw you at the TC he was suffering from diahorrea and had been for a few weeks. He wasnt gaining weight very quickly anyway it turned out he has a lactose intolerance and a cows milk allergy so I had to stop BF and he had to go on special formula milk. Since then he put on lots of weight and is thriving (kinda throws back in the face of a certain post on here!).

    My HV said at the time he was the first baby shed seen in her 30 year career that couldnt tolerate his own mothers milk!

    I dont know what he weighs now probably about 18lb but hes certainly caught up, although weaning been abit constrained too.

    Hope you are well, are you coming to the next meet up?

    Claire xx
  • Hiya Claire,
    Fancy that, being intolerant to your milk? Glad it's all sorted now though, he has definitely caught up, bless him.
    Yes, I'm up for the next meet up, would be good to catch up with everyone image

    Shell xx
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