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Hello all, on Roisin's first birthday my mum bought her her first little duvet and bedding set. Has anyone else switched bedding yet? Will you be making the change as the nights get colder?

H x


  • Not really thought about it as Joe has sleeping bags (best things ever)! should be fine now tho x
  • Jack is back into his sleeping bag too after the warm weather, but weve had a duvet set since he was born. I put it on for show as his cot looks so bare since Jack tried to use his bumper as an escape tool. He ripped the ties clean off trying to climb up them - oh dear! lol x
  • We used a duvet with Isabelle when she was poorly and we had gone through 5 bedding changes in one night, there was nothing else left!

    She was fine with it, and although at the moment just has 3 cellular blankets (she uses them as scatter cushions!) we will be putting her duvet in there again when it gets a bit colder.

    I wanted to buy her another the other day from Dunelm, they have some fab ones in if like me you think you will need a spare! Hubby thinks I am deranged with how often I wash bedding, towels and teatowels, and we have 3 sets so she needs more too? yes?...

    Bets XxX
  • I haven't yet, but it might be a plan for the winter. She does still kick blankets off though

    What about pillows? x
  • cailey has had a duvet since she went into her cot! it matches everything else in her bedroom. at first we used it just for show but then we started using it for her when it was a little cooler instead of just a blanket!
    she also has a pillow in there and has done since she got her first cold after going into her cot! if she doesnt want it she just throws it away..... often she lies sideways and cuddles into it!

    bets i too have a couple of sets.... and i mean whole room kit outs.... lamp shade, cot tidy, nappy stacker, curtains and tiebacks, bumper, duvet and blankets all matching lol so not practical most of the time but they were so cute i just had to!

  • I hadn't planned to swap tbh i'm a big fan of sleeping bags but i'll see what the winter brings x
  • Grace hated sleeping bags from the beginning, so we have always used cellular blankets. She has had quilts on a few cool nights and has had a pillow for a while too! I have three sets too Bets image Gingerbread from M&P, Home Sweet Home from Babies R Us (these two co-ordinate!) plus a stars one by Cath Kidston that I got at Selfridges 50% off sale......I also have a 2nd hand giraffe set from eBay as madam loves giraffes and that is a spare that I was convinced I needed - hubby less so!


    Em x
  • Ihave a duvet for H but I dont think he'll be using it til he's a teenager!! Ha ha - he is still jumping about the cot in his sleep and the other night slept up on his kness so no point in a duvet as he'd probably suffercate under it or something and I'd worry. Sleeping bags until they stop selling them in his size I guess.
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