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well, the title hopefully says it all.

I can't be bothered with BE anymore after what I thought was an end to the issue it gets carried on.

Mainly though, I need to spend more time doing my housework and doing the crafty things I love rather than sitting with a laptop on my knee when I get a pare minute!

Anyway, thanks to you all for all your support, advice, laughter and tears over the past year or so.
I have a few mummies who are facebook friends who I will keep in touch with on there or in person but other than that I am off into the great blue yonder!

Good luck to all of you and your lovely babies
Bets and Isabelle


  • Boo! Sad news Bets image xxx
  • Oh noooo. I think I was one of those that 'carried it on' eeeek sorry.

    Please dont go.....

    I think a break from BE is sometimes good you say I get no housework done either!
  • I don't know what happened but hope your ok xxx
  • You'll be missed Bets! image Keep in touch on FB won't you? I need 2nd stage car seat advice!!! hehe! xxxxxxx
  • Ahh no don't leave because of that! x
  • I've just been thinking and I really don't want you to leave Betsyboo!
    You're a very valued august mummy!
    You're always full of advice and useful information and many kind words!
    Please don't leave because of one topic which got heated. It's just an emotive subject and i'm sure everyone will agree that non of us want you to go because of it.
    Please still pop back in from time to time (when you've done your jobs and crafty bits)
    We'll be here to welcome you back.
    I hate friction in the August's always been such a nice place to be and I certainly don't want any of our fellow August mummies to feel like they aren't welcome or want to leave!
    Please stay Bets
  • I'm sorry as I was one of the people who continued on the t'other post. Please don't think I have fallen out with you, it wasn't your post that bothered me.

    See you on FB image

  • Bets - hun don't leave.
    You're not going to be happy with me but I'm about to carry the post on as I've only just read it. But dont leave - I was just about to post about another TC meet!! Will FB you xxx
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