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my daughter is 7 months- I started weaning at 5.months. she wont reject food but nor will she ask for more so i really have to be the one to allot her portions. i think i am overfeeding on the food front as she is on the sligtly heavier size - i wasnt too concerned before when she was in the 75th percentile for height and weight but now she is in the 90th percentile for weight but only 75th perentile for height. PLease advise:

21 oz formula per day

breakfast: 80z milk then 2.5 Tbps porridge + 2 Tbps pureed fruit + 1/2 tsp pureed prune
lunch: 50g protein - approx 2 Tbps (meat, chicken etc) PLUS 50g vegetables (green veg, carrots, parsnips etc) PLUS 50g Starch - (approx 2tbps dry baby rice or 2tbps sweet potato)
Afternoon: 7oz milk
dinner: 2-3tbps baby rice +3tbs veg (150g)
before bed: 6oz


  • Don't think your portion sizes are anything to worry about. and try not to worry to much about the centile chart, this is only a guide. Is your lo moving around/crawling yet?

    When you start weaning there is sometimes a big jump in the weight gain and movement up the centile chart however, once baby starts moving around i will even itself out.

    Try not to worry .

  • Hello,

    What are you feeding her sounds fine and about the same as I feed my 7 month old son.

    Try not to get hung up on the centiles as they are just a guide really, my daughter was always on the 91st when she was a baby and is now a very slim 11 year old, it all balances out when they start moving around x
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