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................ no post.

I've been having a pretty rough time of it the last 4/5 months. Caitlin is a brilliant napper but when it comes to bedtimes its a whole new ball game and we're lucky to get 4/5 hours of broken sleep a night.

We've taken her to the Drs several times, one of whom has said that it sounds like she has a congested nose which doesn't help when babies are nose breathers and she's a dummy sucker. She in three weeks been given piriton, antibiotics and saline drops - all of which have made no difference to her nose (which she's had problems breathing out of since she was born). I enquired whether it could be a milk allergy to which I was told that this is the latest fad and that basically I'm a paranoid mother.

After four VERY bad nights a few weeks back (and I'm talking being up for about 21 hours for all of these) I'd had enough and decided to try Caitlin on C&G Infasoy. I know its suppose to be used under medical advice but when they refuse to help I felt that I had to take matters in to my own hands. She's been on for nearly two weeks now and we have seen a vast improvement in her sleeping. She's also been moved in her sister's room - who ended up in our room as she had an ear infection but she's now back in the bedroom. She's still been a bit nasally but she's had a cold and as of Saturday she's had a cough which has been diagnosed as croup which means that Caitlin has now been moved out of the bedroom so as not to disturb her sister!!!

Other than the sleeping problems Caitlin is doing well. She's rolling, sitting, crawling and cruising the furniture. I'm so proud of her. Its amazing how different she has progressed through things to her sister. She's never been a fan of having milk (we wonder if its because she can't breath properly whilst feeding) but she loves to eat her solids. It took a bit of time getting her going on them but she now makes a beeline for her seat when she sees her dish of food coming!!!

Well that's all of an update that I can think of - sorry its a bit long.

Love and hugs
Clare & Caitlin
9 months & 1 week



  • Lovely to see you back Clare, sorry you are having such a rough time at night, its so hard to function when you are exhausted!! And despite all that you have set up your own business, thats fantastic image

    Lisa and Holly
  • Ah sorry you've had a rough time - Harrison is quite badly allergic to all dairy and we had similar problems in the early days til his milk was sorted!!
    Hope things continue to get better and well done Caitlin!!!

  • Hi clare,
    not so good that you and your family have been having a bit of a tough time! Sleep is like gold dust in our house also!
    Hopefully Caitlin will continued to get better.
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