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O/T My new business

Hi all

I thought I would pop on and tell you all how excited I am about my new business venture (I'm not touting for business - I'm just really excited!!)

At the beginning of last year my DH with the help of my family gave me the money for me to buy myself a fantastic new camera. In the last year I feel that my photos have come on leaps and bounds and decided that I want to take this more seriously seeing as I wasn't working so last month I enrolled on a photography course.

Last Thursday I took the bull by the horns and decided to set up a page (on the site we're not allowed to mention). I decided that in order to increase my portfolio of photos to offer free photoshoots. By yesterday afternoon I had a fair amount of interest (12 people of which 10 will be getting the free shoots). I'm only really able to do Friday mornings due to having the children and as a result I'm now booked up for the rest of May and all of June!!!

Primarily I'm doing babies and children but am hoping to be able to families and adults if they want them. Plus a couple of the mums whose kids I'm photographing are pregnant so will be doing maternity shoots at the same time as the children's shoot.

I just can't believe the response that I've received. I'm really hoping that I can make a go of things and will soon have regular, paying, clients.

Anyway just wanted to let you know my great bit of news.

Love and hugs



  • Oh Clare that sounds great!

    It takes alot of courage to step out into a new venture and I wish you all the luck in the world x x

    Kirsten x
  • Ah thats sounds really good, well done. xxx
  • I've seen your stuff on that site and think its fab - good for you.
    I really hope it works out for you and if you lived closer I'd book you!!
    Keep us up to date with how it goes.
  • ah well done you for taking the plunge!
    I wish you all the best and loads of success, but by the sounds of it you wont need it.

  • Well done you, I know i have already said on your site how wonderful the photos areimage

    I am going to be taking the same course as you which is nice as we can talk about it. I am enroling at the end of the month. I have stopped taking booking for now as i am back to work full time. have you looked at Vistaprint, I think thats what it is called, you can get cheap flyers and business cards made up and they are really really good.

    K xx
  • can someone please let me know wot the site is we're not allowed to mention so i can have a look too? pm me.
    sorry im being dumb! haha

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