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Hi ladies

How are you all doing? Have you dropped any feeds yet?

x X K X x


  • Hey hun

    We were doing quite well, but then it all went a bit pear shaped last week as Fred went completely off all food. He's better again, but gets v narky with savoury mushy things. As long as he can hold it he seems ok! Still having 4 feeds a day and has around 20-25ozs usually. He's been happy with weetabix for quite a while now, tho not keen on porridge too much and I sometimes allow him rusks but the least sugary Oragnix ones. We're just having lunch and tea as something to play with again now to get him back into the habit. he's always seemed good at lumps and chewing, there have been a few choking incidents, not serious though, he just goes red and then coughs out a huge lump of something!

    How's it going with you?

  • Thanks for the post Kirsten because I had a few queries myself. I've seen some of Joe's pics on fb and he looks like he really enjoys mealtimes! lol. Is he sleeping any better now?

    Slippers - Funny thing is I started off with purees and Jack now prefers holding everything! Even if it is spaghetti bolognese! lol He fights to get the spoon off me and hardly eats anything at the mo - mainly plays. He too prefers food whole or slightly mashed but he scares the s**t out of me when he gags on things. No major incidents but our baby first aid course on tues will make me feel better!

    I think this is the reason that he hasn't dropped an afternoon feed yet. He has a bottle at 7am, 12pm, 4pm and 7pm. He'll drain 8oz bottles given half the chance but he is thriving so not too worried. Feel like he lives on rice cakes, toast and pear!

    He's 21lb and 28 inches and sleeps all night so cant complain!

    K x
  • Hi Ladies

    Joe is doing really well with the eating, I give the odd 10months ready meal with a spoon just for ease if we are in a rush or I have nothing in the cupboards!

    Joe chews everything now and eats most of what is put infront of him (although I admit most of it is soft and chewy) he gags at most meals but has never had any bad incidents (touch wood). Joe hasn't dropped any feeds yet, they are just smaller during the day.

    This week it seems like he is being a bit lazy and doesn't want to eat the food and just wants to go back to booby, i'm hoping its just a phase possibly like Jack and Fred?

    The sleeping isn't good but I think that it is more a problem because I rock him to sleep and he can't settle himself. I working on putting him down in his cot and staying with him till he settles off at the mo.

    There is a Baby Led Weaning forum that I get a lot of advice and recipes from if you haven't already tried it.

    Glad its going well girlies, our babies are thriving x x

    K xx
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