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Back to work: please tell me it gets easier ...

Hello ladies, well I'm back to work (as a primary teacher) next Tuesday. I've always loved my job but would do anything to stay at home with my little girl, at least until she's at school but it's just not possible so I'll be back full time image Had a day in today to get me ready, the first time I've left her all day. The start of the day was fine but by the end of the day I had a huge lump in my throat and when I saw her again I just burst into tears. It's just hitting me that our lovely Mummy/baby time is all over. I am lucky that I have my mum to look after her and have been kidding myself that all would be well but just feeling soooo sad :cry::cry::cry:


  • Big hugs hun I hope it gets easier, i'm back in a few weeks x
  • Oh hun, am afraid I can't tell you if it does, am sure it will but am sending you big hugs xx
  • Thank you. It's such a massive adjustment x
  • It will get easier I promise.

    I went back the other week and hated my first day, I couldnt remember anything and just wanted to be back at home with James. But.... it did get so much easier just within a few days, now we have all settled into a new routine and seems 'normal'.

    Hope it all goes well xx
  • Thank you so much for that Jem. I'm back on Tues and already struggling to sleep. You've calmed me down a bit! x
  • I too am already back at work.... and it does get easier!
    With my job I do night and I spent my first night away on Friday which wasnt so good!
    Ive been back since March and its lovely when you come home and get the biggest smiles and cuddles!
    Good luck for Tuesday hun!
  • Hi hun! Good luck for tomorrow, it will be ok. I've been back almost 4 weeks now and it definitely does get easier. I still don't like leaving her but now i'm back into the swing of things it feels like i've never been away. It is a big adjustment though and takes a little getting used to. You will be ok though hun and just wait until your little one beams up at you when you see her when you finish! It is lovely when they are so excited to see you image xxxxx
  • I have been back fulltime since the end of Jan, and it feels like I have never been away. I remember counting down the days till maternity leave, feeling like it would never come!

    I wish wish wish I could be at home with Haiden all the time but financially it's not possible for us

    It does get easier, and like Sapphire says, it's lovely when you go and pick them up and you get that big grin! xx
  • littlerose I know how you feel I'm back to work tomorrow (boo hoo) I've done everything I can think of to delay going back.

    This is second time round for me and it is a little easier, especially since I actually enjoy my job this time. First time round with my eldest I was signed off after 3 weeks working with "exhaustion" for 3 monthsimage My GP at the time was really understanding knew I hated my job and just signed me off so I could have more time at home which was great at the time.

    Anyway I hope all goes ok with you and i'm sure it will all work out ok.

  • How was your 1st day hun? Hope it went ok xxxx
  • Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the messages. First day very hard, was so teary. Today was day 2- was still upset leaving her but I can sense that it will gradually get easier. Am so glad it's a 4 day week though, shattered! Bring on half term! x
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