Tax Credits

Looks like I am losing some, if not all of these!

Seems our lovely government is cutting them for people of an income of over ??40,000 a year

People on that money might earn more but they aren't always better off for crying out loud- we get no help with our childcare and we are struggling!!

Sorry, rant! x


  • Couldn't agree more!
    We are only slightly over by ??6000 so this is really going to affect us! image not sure what we are going to do next year with baby number 2 on the way! x
  • It says thay the HIP grant is going too and the ??500 low income grant is going to be only for first babies now

    Not too worried about the child benefit freeze but the rest of it pees me off!

    Good luck with number 2!!!! x
  • Its crap isn't it - punished for working hard!!!
    Ours goes down to a poxy ??40 per month anyway when H is one now they're taking that.
    F'ing politicians do my head in.
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