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Anyone TTC in August?

Title says it all really!

We are trying for number 3 next month, we are off on holiday and then starting after that. So could be another sober Christmas like the year before last - I really miss the Baileys! xx


  • Good Luck hun - hope it happens quickly for you.
    We're going to start around december/ january time as not sure I'd cope with less than a 2 year gap and we've got a 6 week holiday in December so want to enjoy that really but may start whilst we're away.
    Exciting stuff!!!
  • Good Luck Jem, i hope you get a quick BFP!

    We were going to start actively trying in Aug but we're gonna hold off til after the year..... not that we're being careful, just now if it happens then great!

    Your holiday is defo something to look forward to mrsN!

  • Well af just got me so yep, ttc in august image Next af will be due around my birthday (27th) so hoping for a nice birthday present!!
  • Very best of luck to all those ttc next month sending you all lots of pregnancy vibes and baby dust.
    Mrs N 6 wk holiday sounds very exciting - we're going skiing in feb -should be fun with a 5yr old, 3yr old 1 yr old and 3month old baby - we're taking my mum and a holiday nanny but still doubt it will be restful- not that skiing ever is lol
    Hope you get the best birthday present ever lisao
    Jo xx
  • Jo you're brave going skiing with a new baby but I'm sure you'll have a fab time!
    We're off to OZ for Xmas. I cant wait. Though the thought of the flight with a hyperactive 16month old is already filling me with dread!!
  • Oh it will be great i've skied for nearly 25years and went when Iris was only 4 months old last year and also when my son felix was only 3 months old a couple of years back but help is key lol
    Very jealous of your trip to Oz christmas will be fab out there. I hope your flight doesn't drag, the staff always seem to be very helpful with the under 2's especially on long haul.
    Good Luck
    Jo xxx
  • Ahhh lisao, looks like its me and you then!

    Will be having my hopefully last period in August and then off we go, fingers crossed it happens and quickly and also for no morning sickness, I hated that last night - oh my god Im moaning already!!

    MrsN - 6 week holiday!! You lucky thing, I have serious holiday envy!! xxx
  • Well jem, we're half way through august, fingers crossed for you!!
  • Hmmm not sure if its going to happen this month, just got back from holiday and it was very difficult to do any 'baby making' with James sleeping in the room with us, he is such a light sleeper now that it was a no go really. Think I should be ovulating this weekend so will have to get busy for the next couple of days!!

    Hows things going with you? xx
  • Hollys teething, knackered!! Managed to bd once around ov I think but not too hopeful.
  • I've just worked out that I should be ov tomorrow so need to bd this evening which doesnt seem enough time really, only takes the once though I guess...
  • Any news Lisao?

    AF is due for me next Monday but today had a bit of brownishness (not sure if that is a word!!) so am thinking that could be implantation - or it could just be an early period?

    Will keep you posted......
  • Ah you didn't see my happy birthday post! Got my bfp on my birthday!! Due may 6th. Sounds like you may have done it too, hope so! Best of luck, keep us posted image
  • Oh my god congratulations!!!!!!

    I only logged on quickly at work so didnt have a look through the other posts!!!! Am so pleased for you!!! xxxx
  • Congratulations!!!wow!

    I'm trying too!Came off my pill in August, but it takes so long for my body to return to normal. Its a guessing game for me. I didn't have a period last time when I got pregnant with Olivia, from Aug to Oct after coming off the pill. So no AF to give me any clues. I'll just have to do a test every month anyway!lol
    Jen xx
  • Wow congratulations thats fab news x
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