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How many has your LO got? Haiden had her two bottom ones that arrived in February, but no more yet. I had expected more through by now! xx


  • None! Orla is 8 and a half months old and still toothless, which is fine by me as I'm still breastfeeding.
    Hayden had his bottom two teeth at the same age and the top two followed a few months later. My children seem to be a bit lazy about growing teeth!

    Cat xxx
  • Issy doesn't have any yet either. I check every day! hehe xxx
  • Fred only got his first last week. He seems permanently grizzly tho so perhaps there are more on the way. Mind you he started in December so it's taken 4 mths to get this far! xx
  • Alfie only has one peeking through. He's really grumpy at the mo but he's full of a cold too and night-times are a nightmare as he's up every couple of hours. Not sure if the cold is related to his teething or not??
    He's had Calpol to keep his temp down and I've also given him some Ashton & Parson's teething powder.... fingers crossed he sleeps through!

    Apparently I was 1yr old before I got my first tooth!

    Shell xx
  • No teeth for Joe yet. Alex was 11 months before he got his through and he got top and bottom at the same time x x
  • No teeth. Glad Roxy's not the only one image x
  • Cailey is 8 and a bit months old and has 4 teeth through, with another just about to appear, i can see it under her gum. She got her bottom 2 first then the 2 either side of where her top ones will be and now the top ones are cutting! The bottom ones caused her no trouble but these tops ones are hurting her! Poor thing.
  • Holly got her 2 bottome ones in january and her first top one has just come through this morning image
  • 2 bottom ones - first at 6 months, second at 7 months. The top 2 are ready to some through and as Sugar says are giving her much more grief x
  • Sophie cut her first on Monday and she is 8.5 months old
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