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I had my colposcopy on tuesday. The doctor saw a small patch of abnormal cells so took a biopsy. He said everything else looked perfect so even if it is pre cancerous cells it will just be a case of removing them. Phew!!!
It will be 6 weeks before the results come back though so ttc still on hold. But at least im getting sorted


  • Hi Lisa,

    Really pleased to hear that it's positive news for you.

    Was only wondering the other day how you were getting on!

    Em xx
  • Hi Lisa,
    Yay, thats good news hun that its getting sorted. Oh well you will just have to keep the ttc practice up instead! heehee!!

    Lisa x
  • Glad it's good news and easily sorted.
    If you have Lletz treatment like I did then the hardest part was the colposcopy. The rest is fine, granted you have general anaesthetic but you don't feel any pain. I didn't anyway, not even afterwards. In & out of hospital in the same day.
    I'm off for a smear next week. Always gets me when they say 'let your knees fall and relax'. Relax?? Hhhmmmm.

    Shell xx
  • haha Shell, 'Relax' - thanks. Men don't know they are born x
  • aww thats great news, glad you are feeling better about it all.
    i had a smear a couple of weeks ago just waiting on my results!
    lol @ shell and newlook at the relax comments.

  • haha you ladies crack me up. Nothing i can do now anyway but wait and see. Im sure its all fine. Ttc has been put back even further though, my parents have booked us a surprise holiday for september back to the place we went for our honeymoon. Loads of roller coasters and stuff so going to hold off til then. By the time I get the results back it will only be a month or 2 anyway.
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