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Injections! - Post your babies reactions so we can compare



  • My baby got her first shots yesterday, she screamed for about a minute and that was it...literally. She didn't scream at all after that. That was at about 10am yesterday, it's now 11:10am.. Normally she freaks out, full blown temper tantrum when a teeeny tiny bit of pee is in her diaper. But since the shots, not a peep. So I have to keep checking to see if there is pee because she isn't letting me know in her same usual way. She hasn't been interested in food as much as usual either. I normally feed her every 2 hours (yes she's a little piggie!) But she doesn't fuss since the shots so I try about every 3-4 hours and it takes about 45 minutes to feed her. She just isn't interested and didn't even wake me up throughout the night....I had to wake up and feed her because I was worried. She just wants to sleep and when she's awake she's just very restless, not crying but restless and not smiling as much as she normally does image ...well hopefully everything is back to normal soon! I miss my little jellybean

  • today my baby gal got her firat vaccination...and when we came home i gave her calpol...nd milk nd then she slept....but after that when she wokeup she cryng alot and i dnt know what to i give her dummy...but she is sleeping in my lap....but she z so it is safe to give calpol r pracetamol again if baby z not suffering from fever???

  • Hello i my baby had her jabs yesterday and i will be honest i cried. She cried before the needle went in like she knew it was happening.I had someone in with me and it is a good job i did because my dad's girlfriend took over while my dad held onto me. But after my little one went down in her pushchair when she got back home and woke up i gave her calpol she was grumpy for a good while she did sleep through which i was lucky i must say however this morning at 6.25am she threw all half of her bottle up and she isnt usually sick i was allergic to calpol when i was little but she was fine last night.I dont know weather its the vaccinations or weather its the calpol as she was still crying in pain due to the vaccination has reacted on her.

  • Ds had 8 week jabs yesterday at 4pm &  screamed like he was being murdered with all 3. He fed straight after for a few minutes then continued to scream (& i mean break your heart proper sobbing that i have never heard before.) this continued until midnight without stopping unless he was having a short feed. He then fell asleep& had to be woke for feed & change at 4am (very unusual as normally every 2.5-3 hours at night he wants food) he screamed & sobbed at 4 am, then 8 am & is now back to sleep. This is the only time i have ever heard him cry & it has broken my heart so much. He screamed through the calpol & everything. He threw up after each feed (he never normally throws up) its now 9:45 am & he is still screaming if i move him or put him down.  I hope this gets better soon.

  • My lb had his jabs done today hes been under the weather for a few days but after a doctors appointment yesterday we were advised to bring him for the jabs. My mum had to come with me due to the oh being tied up at work and she had to hold him whilst they were being done it breaks my heart and i panic so i have to wait outside I heard him screaming and my heart literally stopped. He had some calpol and a feed after but since he has been so sleepy and when he's awake he looks glassy eyed and it's been so hard to get a feed down him its awful all he's doing is scream 

  • I went to the surgery today to have Jack's jabs done & I felt exactly the same. He was fast asleep in his carrycot & looked ever so peaceful & I felt sick to the stomach! I took him into the room and as I picked him up he gave me a smile bless him. I sat him on my lap & held his leg (which was horrible) and he screamed out in pain as soon as she injected him & I felt hopeless image Anyhow he went off to sleep in his carrycot on the way out. When I got home I gave him Calpol & if you could of seen his face when he tasted it image, it certainly settled him & he just slept so I thought great, anyhow when he woke up I made him a bottle but half way through he went as white as a ghost & I could tell he was filling his nappy. When I was changing him he was crying and shivering so I just cuddled him for the rest of the afternoon & he settled with the last dose of calpol, finally 10 hours later he is getting back to his normal self. I have another appointment next month & I dread going but I know it's for his own good..I am dreading the one's when he is old enough to know what's coming image

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