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af gone awol

5 days late at least. Cos we aren't even trying this month I've only just checked the dates.
I'm glad now that we weren't ttc cos id be getting all excited thinking we might have done it. Cycles obviously still not back to normal. Grrrr


  • Oh dear- I take you although you aren't trying you are using something then.

    Damn bodies!! x
  • Hi Lisa

    Mine too - although think im a couple of weeks late now, ive totally lost track of them somehow. I have absolutley no sign of mine and we have been a bit silly. We really must be more careful.

    Hoping mine is just irregular still after having Lily x
  • We have been using condoms. I know nothing is 100 per cent but its highly unlikely. My biopsy results should be back next week so if still no sign then ill test. Who knows it could be a double celebration. Are you going to test newlook?
  • I think they are probably just irregualr still btu the longer it goes on i keep wondering. Ive dont this a couple of times before since having Lily and af has normally arrived.

    I dont feel any diff or have any sort of symtoms so think ill just hang on another coule of week if i can.

    Im hoping af will show up and thats that.
    When are u going to test?xx
  • Ooh any sign yet? x
  • Eek newlook! Get testing! Xx
  • me either, last one was 19th may. Dont really have any symptoms though, except af type pains when I cough, which of course, could be af coming lol
  • I cant even work out my last silly! We went away on 1st May and i was due on around that week but didnt come on...and im still waiting. If i was that late i would have symtoms by now i would think?? i think they must be just irregular. x
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