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Meadowhall, MrsN & Me!

Hey ladies

Am really sorry but we won't be coming today. Fred has had a tummy bug for a week now. He's happy as Larry in himself but his bum is explosive! I just don't want to risk passing it on to any of you. Such a bloomin shame so please organise another one soon!

I've also had a text from MrsN this morning and she is in Scotland at a funeral so won't be able to make it either. She hasn't been able to get online but said to pass on her apologies, say hi and hopes you have a good time.

Let me know all about it!



  • Hi Slippers! Sorry you couldn't make it. We wondered where you were. hehe. Hope little Fred gets well soon xxxxx
  • Ah hun, I did wonder if anyone would log on this morning, I should've sent you my number beforehand just in case anything like this happened. Sorry if you were hanging around for me cos I know I'd already said I would be late from swimming.

    So how did it go? Did you have a nice time? Can we do it again soon, please?

  • I'm definitely up for meeting again soon. I love a gossip and Issy loves attention and other babies haha!
    Tuesdays and Fridays are best for me and Meadowhall is easy for me to get to so lets get it sorted soon! Plus I do love a trip to Primark while I'm there! hehe!
    We had a lovely time, just me, Annette & Iansprincess went in the end but it was lovely to meet them and thier gorgeous little ones!
    Hope Fred is better soon xxxx
  • Hi, yes it was nice to meet and put some names to faces I would like to do it again soon to xxxxx
  • Ah good! I'm pleased you had a lovely time and want to do it again! Mondays and Tuesdays best for me, tho Tuesdays I will always be a bit late and soggy!

  • HI - I'm so sorry girls.
    This si the first time I've been able to geton as Slippers said i was at a funeral in Scotland. I couldn't log on to BE (havenb't been able to log on for a couple of weeks and no idea why).
    Anyway, hope you had a nice day and if any plans are made in the future I'd love to come - I'll be free Mondays and Fridays xxx
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