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Another post for those who are PG again or trying again....

I'm being nosy- sorry!

I have gone back to work fulltime after having Haiden. After number 2 I won't be able to work because we won't be able to afford childcare. What do you do/plan to do? Are you going to work or not? Will this be a struggle finiancially?

Housing situation- we are in a small 2 bed, not big enough for another baby. We will need to move before having another. It is shared ownership so we have a mortage. What is your situation? Is your house big enough? Is it bought/rented/council?

Just trying to work out how in the hell everyone else does it!!!



  • I don't work and haven't since i stopped teaching when 36wks pregnant with my first nearly 4 1/2 years ago. I still do some exam marking and freelance writing for various publications but thats more just to keep my brain tickng over rather than for financial reasons. I think for most people with more than one child the cost of childcare doesn't make going back to work an option. We're lucky in that my hubby designed and had our house built and my dad paid for it so we don't have to worry about that. We have enough space for a brood but still want to move again at some point. Houses and house design is hubby's thing. Matthew works rediculous hours and very hard but makes very good money. Sometimes i wish he didn't work so hard, he's far too ambitious at times and misses the kids when he doesn't get home from the office till 10pm having left the house at 7am. Finding the balance is difficult at times and sometimes i can feel a bit like a single parent but i can't take for granted that Lilac is at a very good prep-school, Felix too goes to private daycare 1 1/2 days a week and Iris will go 1 1/2 days a week from January too. I often feel very humble that we can do things without thinking, like have more babies and going on hols but like everything thats wanted it comes at a price and there is always something that has to give. God just read what i've written and i sound like a right spoilt cow! Sorry! God i could cry now.....bloody hormones. Oh shut up Jo and send the post you're digging a hole lol.
    Jo xxx
  • Hi Kimmy,
    We live in a 2 bed maisonette, at the moment our 2 daughters share a small bedroom. When we have another baby I plan to buy bunkbeds then have the newborn in with us in the cotbed. It will be tight for a while but worth it!
    We are currently renting with housing association, our rent is manageable but we know that there is no way we can afford a mortgage in the near future.
    (We hope to get a transfer within the housing association)
    I havent worked full time since I fell pregnant with our eldest in 2005!
    We get by, I would say some months we struggle but sometimes we feel comfortable.
    I wont be going back to work until both maybe all our children are at full time school and even then it will only be part time hours.
    My partner works long hours so its not ideal for me to work even weekends or evenings.
    To pay for childcare would take all my income so thats out of the question.

  • It's interesting to see other people's situations. It's a shame my H2B is too stubborn (and I suppose sensible!) to think about having another, as we are not in the position at all!

    Jojo don't cry! Have a bit of cake!!

    When does Felicity go to school Fiona? xx
  • I'll more than likely stay at home until our youngest starts primary school. My wage would only cover the cost for one child so it's just not an option for us.
    We currently live in a 3 bed semi. We are in the process of buying a 6 bed detached property (last buyer pulled out grr!). Our mortgage will increase but we should still be ok at the end of each month. Hubby usually works 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. Before we had children we had a very healthy joint income but I don't feel any worse off now. I think with each child you just learn to adjust the outgoings to match the income.

    Cat xxx
  • Six bed- wow!

    The problem we have is really the area we are in. We don't want to move away, and why should we? This is where we are from- this is where our families are! But it's just so expensive and that's why we are in shared ownership. But there are no bigger shared ownership houses locally sos currently we can't move but stay in the same place

    I honestly don't know how other people have done it- help from parents I think

  • Felicity is starting primary school in september!!
  • We can't have another yet either Kimmy. We had a 2bed mid-link that we converted into a 3 bed, 3 storey when I was pg with Jack. Brad has the whole top floor as his new teenage pad but we did have permission to put 2 bedrooms and a bathroom up there as we put a full size dorma on. Decided to keep the space as 3 double bedrooms and split if we need to later on.

    I'd love another but when we renovated, we took out a loan for 3 yrs rather than add onto our mortgage. The monthly payment is hefty so I'll need to work for at least the next 3 yrs until its paid. I've dropped to 3 days too so def can't afford another one yet so you're not alone.

    I've had the implant rod put in for 3 yrs then will decide once its out. June 2013 will be a good month! Lol x
  • We're trying for another from December. Hubby isn't as keen as me as wants to wait longer. He wants to buy a bigger house - I dont care and I'm happy where we are. Its a large 3 double bed old terraced house - but we only have a decent size yard no garden hence why hubby wants to wait (5 years) for number 2. After everything I went through to get Harrison I feel that if I'm going to have another I'd ratehr do it sooner and then relax and enjoy them both (2 will be our max).
    financially we're just coping I guess. I've gone part time and dropped 17k. this is a huge amount and we no longer have the lifestyle we used to but hey ho, thats life and some things are more important.
    You'll figure it out hun xxx
  • My friend gave me some advice when I was thinking about having children years ago. She said if you try to plan, it never works out, go with the flow of what life throws at you and cut your financial cloth accordingly. And, by and large I have to say she was right. It took me many years and many failed attempts to get Fred and I don't know if I will be lucky enough to have another. So now I just decided to concentrate on being happy. In work, at home etc etc. We've downscaled enormously as I decided not to go back to my old job. I've dropped my salary to less than a tenth of what I was on before, we are living in a small 2 bed cottage and have decided to have only one car.

    If Gilbert mark 2 comes along, it will be bunkbeds and hand me downs. We do have some very tough months, which can be a stress in itself but it's only money, I just keep buying the lottery tickets!


  • Hi there, we're TTC later this year probably too. I'm back working full time as a teacher and am lucky to have my mum to look after her so no childcare costs, however if I was a practical person we would be waiting longer as we still rent. But we just decided that making our family is more important to us so we're going to do baby before house. We think we'll only have to so will start getting practical about money after that! Good luck x
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